albatrax RSPS

albatrax RSPS

Albatrax RSPS

The best of the top rsps-list, at Albatrax we care for about the players, a runescape server where players can decide which updates we should work on and they decide on how the server will be the most enjoyable. We listen to our players and work with them to make the server 100% satisfying for the public. The server is economy with a really active community, the wilderness is always filled with players and there is also enough content for pvmers, so bosses, monsters and more are in the game. Also mini-games, achievements and all skills are fully functional and working. Join the best private server, hope to see you online!

What to expect

What can you expect on Albatrax? Well, what can you not expect is the real question! We have so much content added such as Slayer masters, multi cannon, Zulrah, monster drop tables, a lot of bosses such as wilderness bosses/dungeon bosses, there are more than 5 mini-games that you can check out, fully added Kourend, demonic gorrillas, there are different game modes such as ironman and hardcore ironman, we have slayer rewards, voting rewards, almost all skills are fully working (construction is the only skill that needs some more development until its 100%), full screen and resizable mode is available, client auto saver and so much more! Hop online and play the game!






  • Kraken 
  • Godwars 
  • Giant Mole 
  • Kalphite
  • Barrelchest
  • Corporeal Beast 
  • Abyssal Sire
  • Lizards 
  • Zulrah
  • Fullscreen/Resizable
  • NPC Drop Table Interface
  • Custom Quests
  • Normal Mode, Ironman Mode, Hardcore Ironman Mode, Extreme Mode
  • Raids
  • Great Economy



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