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[img][/img] Always active PK'ing server since 2009.
Website Download Client (Recommended) Webclient Total size of the Client and Cache is 19MB.
Server Type: Economy PKing EXP Rate: Click-to-change stats Forums: Media: zombie.png slayer1.png slayer2.png slayer3.png fortress.png kbd.png brid.png bankpin.png players.png pits.png target.png trolls.png voteshop.png Server Videos PK Video by No Shes Mine [youtube][/youtube] PK Video by Neros [youtube][/youtube] PK Video by The Killah [youtube][/youtube] If you want to see more videos, search ForeverPkers on Youtube. Hope to see you there! Play now at
Previous sites include:,, and (these sites no longer exist - they are the previous for the same server)

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