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Owners Note: Here at OS-Virtue we strive to give the player the best PvM, Economy, and PvP RSPS experience in a great OSRS based environment. We have a great active community with hundreds of players registered and great PvM content like Lizard Man Shamans, Cerberus, Zulrah, Abyssal Sire, and all of the new Slayer monsters! OS-Virtue also has up to date OSRS maps and data to provide the ultimate OSRS experience! Nonetheless, the economy is the main focus in OS-Virtue, with all the regulations and an excellent plan has OS-Virtue 2.0 on a path to become a great OSRS server for years to come! OS-Virtue also has auto-donate, auto-vote, and high-scores systems to help players improve the server and themselves competitively! So why not give it a go? Join today at www.OSVirtue.org today! Removed donation link due to rules.

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