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Forum: Webclient: Download: / Project-69 is an eco server that is unique to other servers. The serve has an update every week. Things we have to offer include: - Custom Quests - Prestiging System - Melzar's Maze - Housing System - A staff team that's constantly being moderated by higherup staff members so that we never have corrupt behavior. - 7 custom areas with monsters that you probably won't find in other servers, each area has unique drops. (more area's being added over time) - A 2 man development team constantly moderating suggestions and problems reported by the community to ensure a fun game at all times. - Custom items (Different colour party hats, santa hats, H'ween masks, some custom weapons and some custom capes (including 3 kind of wings). - Craftable items (Using materials gathered from PVM you can make your own strong items) (Example: Making a blurite sword out of drops from the blurite cave). - A lot of items have been buffed so they can be usefull ingame, they are stronger than the basic D scim/Whip most. (Examples: Shadow sword, Blurite sword, Silverlight, Darklight, Defensive shield and more) - Open staff positions. We have met wonderfull people over the years, and kept contacts with them to create the best staff team we could come up with. But we do have a couple of open spots. (Note: You can't earn staff positions within a few days, we will have to get to know you, see how you act ingame and moderate your behavior for quite some time before we consider promotions) We will keep the rest of our content a suprise because we don't want to spoil everything for you ^.^

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