Project Catastrophe

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Project Catastrophe Forums: Project Catastrophe is a community created by Alex and Andrew. There is currently one server: - Active PKing and skilling 24/7 - In-game Item Finder: Type in the name of the item you want to spawn and it will give you the code - A Credit system: You can gain credits by killing people, completing challenges, killing General Graardor or killing the Chaos Elemental and becoming level 150 in non-combat skills - Dicing & Gambling for Credits. - Maximum skill level is 150 - Maximum combat level is 248 - Competitive Highscores - PK Competitions - Clan Wars: A multi-combat area where you can fight people of any combat level - Spend your credits on special credit items - A helpdesk where you can go if require help or answers to a question. - General Graardor: A multi-combat area - However it is recommended that you have atleast 10 players before challenging General Graardor. - Chaos Elemental: A multi-combat area where you can defeat the Chaos Elemental, it is recommended to have 5 people to defeat this boss - A command that stops you from gaining XP - Duel Arena - All skills working - The server runs on a Dedicated Server, which means absolutely no lag - Active and helpful staff - A Prestige system, allowing you to reset your combat skills and going into prestige. You will receive extra bonus in all combat skills - X-Logging FIXED - Gameframe changer, letting you choose between the 319, 459 and 474 gameframe - Graardor's Waraxe - Bow of Oblivion - Dragon Claws - Torva

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