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About Project Rainbow: Project Rainbow is a top-notch 317 private server packed with tons of custom content to please our players. We try to bring out content regularly to keep fitting our players' needs and desires, and to have an active community where players can comfortably voice their opinion and ideas. Project Rainbow originally started development in early October 2010. Interesting concepts were explored and the first customs were added. It was officially released to the public on January 3, 2011 under the ownership of Whackatre and had a successful run until it was transferred into the hands of Null Amount sometime September 2012 when Whackatre decided to focus his efforts on other pursuits as opposed to a RSPS. Under the ownership of Null Amount, PR continued to thrive. After realizing he had very little time for a private server, he handed the server down to Meee59 in November 2013. During this period lots of new content was added as Meee59 had a niche for creativity. Somewhere in November 2014 the server returned to the hands of Whackatre, due to Meee59 not having the time or motivation anymore to keep going with the server's current state. As of April 2015 The One has taken over ownership of Project Rainbow; the server's management had been changed and we look forward to a bright future. The old owners/developers still remain active on our IRC channels and forums and continue to offer their help when they can. Our server plans still remain the same: give players an environment that they will remember long after they've logged off. We actively host events to maintain the bond between players and the staff team.
Server features: - Addictive server content you never experienced before - Over 400+ obtainable custom items - Custom NPCs and Bosses - Custom AFK system - 100% custom construction - spawn any object your heart desires! - Mature handpicked staff team - Save PVP areas - Custom created Skilling sources - Several in-game obtainable statuses with in-game currency and points - "Safe" gambling such as flower poker and dicing (handpicked hosts to minimize player scamming!) - Iron man mode to challenge yourself! - Active forums - Help system alerting online staff members, you're in need of assistance - Three different donator statuses, each with their own benefits - Implemented callback system for MSCP voting - IRC <-> server communication - IRC -> server integrated gambling - JavaScript embedded in client for custom commands! - Constant 10-25+ players ... and much more!
Media: - Home TBD - Trade area 598e54e6a495b.png - Mutantzone 598e54e6ec5c7.png - Rainbowianzone 598e54e730206.png - Tortoises 598e54e76f1e4.png And there are many more places to explore! Join Project Rainbow today, and we'll make your time worth the effort!

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