RsReborn RSPS

RsReborn RSPS

The Best 317 server! RS-Reborn. Just like you read it. RUNESCAPE REBORN, in a different dimension. The #1 RSPS on the toplist with many different things to do. Skilling zones, perfect combat, flawless minigames, 100+ achievements. Jad. Pest controll. Torva. Perfect switching. Many new maps added to the game and there are a lot of monsters and bosses to go to. Slayer fully working and duo partner system added. Join the best RSPS today. Working MoneyPouch! dupe in the MoneyPouch Drop Dupe Summoning Orb With Draining Fixed Cheat Egine Dupe! custom items with 711 model header [Server] Announcement when you get 99 LevelPoints with a Store custom GFX and Anime for some basic commands Lottery, [Lottie] Disabled Shops for Users That Can Spawn Staff or players who can spawn can not attend in the lottery Added 2 Starters Per Ip Added Custom Log-ins when Staff Log in Fixed Total Level Donators need Donor points to use their Shops not cash[Makes it so reg players cant be teled there and buy the items] Vote4Cash Voting System with SOF Spins on claim 100% Timed mute 100% Timed Ban Smithing (x5, x10) 120 Dungeoneering The Arrow Dupe Glitch Server AutoSave Lag when banking all Player Titles Auto-Server Save UIDs (i disabled, ease to re-enable) SOF InterFace KillStreak Point System Made KS give you extra PK Points Re-Wrote Mage (Was totally messed up on v1) Custom Npc Shops Added in dice command for Donator+ New Interfaces Fixed Crowns in Pc, Pm, and chat Admins and Owners dont share same crowns Comp Cape requireing all 99s. Zoom in and Zoom out feature New Superdonator Extreme Donator Rank Better Duel Arena New ::Help method Better Prayer Better Eco Vote point shop Tokkul Shop 2b Ticket Exchange New member rank timedmute timedban SollyStore Nice Player ritles With a good Interface Player Titles for most ranks Player Cliping Summoning Working Fixed Charms Better Spirit Shields (Not showing lines like regualr ones) Staff Tab saying if staff is online or not. Most Sinlge and Double doors working the way they need to Awesome Donator Benifits Made a lot of things Fixed Freezing in Wise old man New staff capes And LOADS OF MORE THINGS!

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