Oldschool Runescape Server Salve PS

SalvagePS RSPS

SalvagePS RSPS

Salve PS is the best and fast growing Runescape private server on the toplist. Enjoy weekly updates and endless hours of content. There is so much to do on the server, we have all OSRS skills working perfectly and we are making it smoother and better by the day. There are over 10 bosses you can go to and slay solo or with others. Enough mini-games available for everyone, go there and claim your rewards. We have auto donate and auto vote. Bounty hunter rewards. The combat is very good! Register on the forums and be part of our community. Our staff will welcome you to the server and make sure that you will face no issues on your adventure. Join Salve PS today!

Simplicity RSPS

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Xp rates are quite high but the content is great, the community is not toxic and overally is a good time waste. Deffinetly recommended :)

Author: Jamjah
2017-09-06 13:45:21

Good community, amazing server, good staff... This server is number 1.

Author: Skilleris
2017-09-05 22:24:44

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