Skrubscape RSPS

Skrubscape RSPS

The best Oldschool RSPS on the toplist. PvP leaderbords. Active pking. Corporal beast. Item pre-sets. Raid items. We have all the lates OSRS data. Register on our forums and see how nice our community is. We have active PKING, PVMING and Skilling. Become the best on the hiscores or become the best pker in the wilderness. There is so much to do, you will never get bored. Join the best RSPS now! It is free to play. We reward all our players with weekly giveaways and more. Our staff team makes sure that every player gets what he want. No problems on Skrubscape! Join now.

SkrubScape - Latest OSRS data & Deadman mode! Fully working Raids! Up to date OSRS maps, bosses, items! All skills fully working. Active community. Flawless Pking. Many minigames to play. Hundreds of achievements to complete. Max cape. Active development team pushing out updates.

Simplicity RSPS

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