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[CENTER] [URL=]CLICK HERE TO PLAY[/URL]|| [URL=""]Website currently under construction[/URL] [FONT=Verdana]About us:[/FONT] Hello everyone, my name is Trikru. You may know the name Vernox, but you've never heard of Vernox 3. In this project, my long time pal Swaghetti & I, will be developing Vernox 3 together. Due to the abundance of OSRS revisions, we've decided to take another route, which is why Swaghetti & I are creating this project, in hopes that players will find that RS3 revisions are fun, visually appealing, and still popular. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates a user-friendly, fun environment for the players. Flame/hate [U]will[/U] get annoyed & reported. [FONT=Verdana]Media:[/FONT] [SPOILER=Other Media] [/SPOILER] [/CENTER]

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