Blazix #1 Dodian Server

blazix RSPS

blazix RSPS

Blazix features...

Barrows Minigame

All working skills!




Gem rock mining

Rune Ess mining



Thieving Chests

11 key boss adventure, that continues with two new key bosses every two weeks!'
These are not in order...

With tons of amazing drops!


Link to our client is on our forums, webclient coming soon! Also, we're still doing a beta version, since our last source was just all over the place, we've decided to bring back one of our older sources with less bugs. It still need a bit of work, but it's very close on being done. If you want more info, here's a link about it on our forums, we're trying to update it as much as we can:


Owners - Robert & Owen
Developer - Cooper
Moderator - G 2

Simplicity RSPS

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