p.HeroScape-HYPERION.-true RSPS

p.HeroScape-HYPERION.-true RSPS

Come play the Hero-Scape ran by the founder of HS2009, Mod Mikers!
its now a 666 server as one was once a 317
Minute download time, download as you play.
Scroll down for pictures
right click banking!

-All skills working!
-All miasmic spells
-All ancient spells
-Donator store
-Chrystal bow
-Loyalty store
-Random events!
-Charm drops
-Warriors guild
-Pest Control
-Castle wars
-Clan wars
-Quests!br> -Emotes
-Full slayer monsters
-Perfect Runescape like switching
-Perfect clipped combat
-"Combo" foods
-Instant special (For granite maul)
-Wilderness ditch
-Friends/clan chat
-Price Checker
-Equipment tab
-Bones on altar
-Wilderness bosses
-Spirit Tree
-Donator Rank
-Achievement Point shop
-Full grand exchange
-PK Shop
-All skill capes
-Max & completionist Capes
-Chrystal chest
- Highscores
-Nex Armour (Repairing with bob)
-Akrisae brothers
-Really good combat system
-Kalphite queen
-Taverly dungeon obstacle
-Ape atoll skeletons (Multi)
-1 click teleporting with talismans to runecrafting altars
-Onyx necklace enchanting
-Trees in edgeville
-Living rock cavern
-Dragonkin lamps
-Ring of stone
-Tinderbox drops
-Barrows armour (Repairing at bob)
-Void armour & barrow gloves
-Ardougne cloak
-Slayer tasks
-Ancient effigies
-safe spotting in barrows
-Donator zone
-Skillcapes (And boosting)
-Ring of dueling
-Grand exchange
-Grand exchange set exchanging
-Dice Dueling
-Purple Sweets
-Mystic Mud Staff
-Birds nests
-Mystic staffs & battlestaffs
-Defensive casting
-Vine whip special
-Infinity & Mages book
-Wisdom aura
-Fight caves
-Equipment Interface
-Clue Scrolls
-Fremenik slayer dungeon
-Falador mining resource dungeon
-Tzhaar City
-Dragon fire shield (And special)
-Deposit X
-Level up dialogue with icon for skill

Simplicity RSPS

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