provokersps RSPS

  • the 614 spawn pk based server.

  • Very active and friendly community and staff team.
  • Perfect switching, good for hybridding and all-round pking.

  • All PVP items and gear such as vesta and statius.

  • Fully working dungeoneering [Points, XP, Shop]

  • New bounty system [Yells killstreaks + extra rewards]

  • New custom areas such as ::chillzone , and ::dicezone

  • skilling.
  • The 667 economy based server.

  • All bosses working 100% eg:nex,corporal beast,kalphite king etc.
  • 200m max xp.
  • prestige system.
  • donator zones.
  • safe and dangerous pk.
  • perfect switches.

Simplicity RSPS

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