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reonscapee RSPS

ReonScape is a fairly new(operating since May) RSPS, jam-packed with content! Custom bosses, custom skilling areas, extensive member perks, integrated forums & discord and much, much more! Our goal is to provide you, our player, with an experience unlike you've ever had with any other RSPS.

Features: -Custom, Unique Home Area -Constantly adapting and updating! -TONS of bosses with flawless and in-depth combat strategies -Tons of boss & skilling pets -Member Perks with multiple member ranks, allowing you to progress over time -Active & helpful staff members -Based around our community, our players are our main focus! -Suggestion based updates; We provide the updates YOU, as a player, want to see! -Integrated forums & discord; Stay in contact with your ReonScapers, even outside of the game! -Toggle x10 HP -Floating HP bars & usernames above head -Boss Kill Tracker & damage counter -Duo Slayer & Team Dungeoneering -Much, much more! Check us out, we'd love to have you!

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