Ely | 718 w OSRS | 150+ Achievements

the-greatest-rsps RSPS

the-greatest-rsps RSPS



Home of the Famous: "Graetoriax the Unbroken"

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About Ely:


We are the hottest up & coming RSPS out there today! With features that just blow the competition out of the water, it is no doubt we are the new standard. The gameplay & community itself you will experience in Ely is second-to-none. We have all you can ask for PLUS a complete & professional team of Developers, Graphics Designers, interactive Staff & more! With 100% uptime & a constantly growing player base you will love your time spent on Ely. Competitions, player-polled content being added daily; we are here to stay. What more could you ask for? Take a look at our media & features list to seal the deal..


Features List:


Minigames All Skills Perfected Content
Battle Royale Perfect Skilling Tons of Pets
Zombie Waves Perfect Combat Tons of Bosses
Duel Arena Grand Exchange Safe Gambling
Pest Control 150+ Achievements Gear & Inventory Presets
Castle Wars Choose XP Rate Weekend Events
Dominion Tower        ALL Ironman Modes        Bank Placeholders      
Monster Carnage Discord Integration Instances
Fight Caves Global Events Account Linking


Win HUGE Giveaway's! Recently won by: "99 Pray Plz" -

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Simplicity RSPS

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