Ulthium 1# Server Extended Combat

zscape RSPS

zscape RSPS


Welcome to Ulthium, the 1# custom runescape server.

We feature 20+ bosses, 20+ minigames, boss pets.

All our skills work, including construction, dungeneering and more. We've even taken the liberty of adding new zones for you, custom skilling zones and pvm zones.

We've also extended the end game, featuring prestige tier based gear. With extra HP. We've got the fast paced, balanced combat with just the right amount of scaling to seperate us from the rest of the Runescape Private Servers. We just aren't shy on trying something new. 

Featuring active, helpful members. With a FANTASTIC devolpment team, coming from the top runescape private servers.

We take the players exprience and quality of our content very seriously.

Simplicity RSPS

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