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Arios 530 - 2009/OSRS in HD!

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What is Arios?

Arios has been a developing server for five years. We excelled at being named the greatest remake server RSPS has ever witnessed.

After concurring the remake world we decided to take on a new characteristic to define our uniqueness.

A new era of Arios is before you, the time has come that we leap ahead to the HD world. We are offering you a new experience of Arios in HD brought to you with a mixture of unique OSRS updates.

Together we can create a new legacy for Arios as the #1 leading HD 2009/OSRS server, the only thing we need from you, is YOU!
Minigames: Barrows, Bounty Hunter, Clan Wars, God Wars, Mage Arena, Mage Training Arena, Pest Control, Puro Puro, Tzhaar Fight Caves, Duel Arena, Tzhaar Fight Pits, Warriors Guild
Bosses: Giant Mole, King Black Dragon, Dagannoth Kings, Bork, God War Bosses,
Chaos Elemental, Venenatis, Callisto, Vet'ion, Crazy Archeologist, Kalphite Queen, TzTok-Jad, Kraken,Corporal Beast, Tormented demons, Revenants
Over 30 quests, including every F2P quest!
All 24 skills with perfection emulation, construction out now with many more updates coming to it!
All F2P area content!
Nieve's Slayer Dungeon!
Achievement diaries
Grand exchange
Clue Scrolls
Loot share
Random events
Game & Combat sounds
Boss Pets
OSRS Items with more to come!
Skillcape perks

Checkout our previous project threads to find ALL the content Arios has!

Arios easily is the most integrated server out there. We have one account called an Arios account

which contains all your information which allows access to our game servers & our website/forums.

Website features:
[*]Account management
[*]Custom forums
[*]Monthly Vote Rewards - COMING SOON
[*]Account Registration
[*]Account Recovery

Question: Who is the new Owner?
Answer: Layne Staley aka Mike

Question: What revision is Arios?
Answer: 530

Question: What is the EXP rate?
Answer: 20x

Question: Will we lose our character progress from 498 -> 530?
Answer: We have reset the Economy and Player stats. Donator statuses and perks purchased with IRL money will, however, be returned.

Question: Where can I register an account?
Answer: Either at  Arios 530 - The #1 2009 HD/OSRS Private Server or through the "Create Account" option in the client.

Question: How will OSRS content be implemented?
Answer: We will poll which content our players want from OSRS & go with what the players want.

Question: Is Arios still a remake?
Answer: Inherently Arios's content is a remake, however we are moving in our own direction. Arios is meant to be what the players make of it. We decided a remake was only limiting Arios' potential. Ultimately, Arios is what the community wants it to be!

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