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CreativeScape v3 *Remastered*


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Come one, come all.

To the server that is trying to bring things back to the good old days.

Creativescape V3 *Remastered*

If you're tired of the same-old OSRS-carboncopy of an RSPS, we feel you.

Using the combination of an older 317 source with an amazing development team; we were finally able to bring you the rsps you've been waiting for, a place where you can let loose and just do what you do, a place you can let yourself run free, away from the troubles and disapointments of what old school has become.

whether you're one for banter or one for deep conversations


a skiller with 21 working skills or pvmer with a bunch of monsters to kill

a staker who likes to risk big or a merch who likes to build their wealth,

a pure, a brid, or even dher

or even the occasional zombie

We have a place for you here.

We have a friendly and active staff team, as well as many helpful players, so don't feel shy.

A new take on the GWD

and even a discord channel @ https://discord.gg/qX9ce

So come join us at https://creative-scape.com/ and find the place where you fit.

and if you want to go straight to the game: play now

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