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Eternal Gaming Community is built for the players and their wants, unlike other private servers we have a mature and highly active management team that is working hard to make sure players have a fun and exciting gaming experience.

Why you should join us?

1- 24/7 VPS hosted server
2- Highly active management team
3- Auto donation allowing you to receive instant items
4- 24/7 player support via Skype & teamspeak
5- Prestige leveling system with player titles
6- Plenty of working mini-games with great shops and items
7- X2 weekend exp on top of extra exp bonuses in-game
8- Tons of achievement tasks
9- Huge list of bosses
10- Flawless PvP & PvM system
11- Hack, ddos, dupe & bug proof
12- Working bank tabs, skills & weapon spec
13- Weekly events with rewards
14- 3x EXP Island / PVP
15- Grinding, eco, pvp server - choose how you want to play
16- Iron Man Mode
17- Complete Boss Drop List

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