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Hi Everyone, PlayWorld has been around since 2011 March 14. If you're tired of playing your favourite RSPS and it ends up shutting down pretty quick, then we do hope you finally give a try to PlayWorld; We surely will not let you down! We've made it this far with the help of our supporting players and RSPS communities. We aim PlayWorld to satisfy various range of gamer's and we are starting off with an ideal era of RS, which is late 2011 (near Pre-EoC). Even though it may be a private server, but we still aim to be as professional and friendly at the same time; that you may believe its not just one of those RSPS and probably forget that you're even playing a RSPS. Whether you like the F2P of RuneScape or P2P of RuneScape, you can play both at PlayWorld for free and switching between F2P mode to P2P (members) mode has now been made even more easier! Players can switch at any time, by speaking to Ozan who is located at the home area. How does this work? Well F2P and P2P players will be able to interact in the same game world but they will not be able to fight each others in PvP. Since P2P players will be able to use members items, curses, spells against the F2P players. Thus you can now even watch your friends brid/pk even if you're in F2P mode. With this update, we've brought both type of players to ONE game world. F2P players are able to equip member items but if they are in F2P mode, those member items will not provide any bonus, special attacks, etc. It will be purely cosmetics. All new players gets a maxed combat account so they can start joining the group/solo PvM or even PK'ing (You can even set your own combat skills level at any time). Players can still reset the combat skill they desire to have their own custom levels. Our server is still economy but achieving things is not such a pain either. PlaWorld is also skillers friendly and not only offers every skill to be functional as they should, but also exciting contents that is always added during our updates.
  • F2P and P2P (members) mode.
  • Nearly all RS bosses to fight including custom made ones and still counting!
  • All skills functional, that to of RS; with on going growing content for each unique skill.
  • Item Auctioning & Bidding system
  • Real Grand Exchange. Yes, merching can be done with our G.E system.
  • Several mini-games to play with your friends; Such as: Soul Wars, Castle Wars, Clan Wars, Fist of Guthix, Pest Control, Warriors Guild, Crucible, Duel Arena and still counting!
  • Near Perfect Combat system. Our combat system has been given a lot attention; with the help of experienced F2P and P2P pkers, we present you a very close to accurate combat formula.
  • Friends Trailing
  • Advanced auto in-game account(s) recovery and control management system.
  • Global Bounty System. This system picks a random active player and puts a bounty on them. The world-wide game is 100% safe, so you can earn some cash and rewards through this fun bounty system! Other players are able to track you down via World Map and a direction marker that is always pointed where the bounty is at.
  • Mailbox system. On here, we allow players to send offline players messages via mails. This allows you to send an offline player a mail and they will receive it when they log back in the next time.
  • Player to Player Marriage & Wedding system.
  • Item gifting system. This system allows a player to gift another player directly from the shop, even if they are offline. When the player logs in, they will be notified on what was gifted and who gifted.
  • Various custom items/features. Such as a chinchompa mine, which acts like a claymore land mine. A player stepping on this, will blow the player away to the direction they are heading, which will kill them from the explosion.
  • Most spells and all prayers.
  • Real Team Dungeoneering. 5 players dungeon party, group gatestone, private gatestone, item binding, different bosses, food on others, etc.
  • Built in auto help system which will try to help you in your needs in-case you're lost or have no one to help you out!
  • Economy and friendly atmosphere.
  • In-game report abuse system.
  • Music system.
  • Notes tab.
  • Money pouch.
  • Achievements system.
  • Quests to complete, with on going quests additions.
  • Character customization.
  • Friends chat.
  • Clan chat.
  • Tons of stunning custom weapons & items, with its own unique combat and special moves.
  • No registration required.
  • Constant work on server with ever going new custom features in a wide range of field.
  • DDoS Protected - 100% up time with no worries about lag.
  • Old and New items look toggle switch.
  • All Emotes.
  • Auras.
  • Numerous amount of miscs; such as Dwarf cannon, working holiday items, random events, etc.
  • Several teleportation methods.
  • Tons of shortcuts/objects useable world wide.
and a ton more to discover! Its a guarantee for you to uncover such fun & exciting content, that you may have not seen in any other. We are always on work with new things to be added, to make sure the game never ends with the amount of fun you can have at all times. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLa1OYagcRU[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov_R3H5USlA[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KLGGH2sP04[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCr4RXP9PJA[/youtube] [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5M4Hi862_Zw[/youtube] SaFbIXv.jpg J608buh.jpg 7qL2M53.png rHdjoWH.jpg vCYkJfQ.png XTVFodR.png qyZP8Ea.png uIYta1Z.png sWwySkW.png pGOoBsG.png l5oPzlS.png g9kB6ZX.png jHISOAm.png gd0xGgt.png n7ttU8U.png y95wX9Q.png jpgQiXw.png TQU8L4Z.png SlJTup0.jpg ndKfsdR.jpg EV9vTCC.png DpaMAL5.jpg JO4cRmH.png e1kqIWS.png I0VcMH3.jpg ddg2ldE.png ZQ7KGHz.png fwU2TEK.png pXkymwP.jpg 8nwNO9J.jpg s3UfJUJ.jpg e8AnSTw.png YbhJ9BV.jpg XeDKDdy.jpg KMmMRED.jpg HzqOAZS.jpg ixTd4Hb.jpg j60lkpA.png qtLVenQ.jpg 16mk1Ep.jpg kfpUX8L.jpg oRm2MLQ.jpg bw5uDT8.jpg pOSDvKY.jpg FI1QtG3.jpg ZrgEgpr.jpg dCtu07C.jpg OngSHSH.jpg 7RjAI8y.jpg tsaUYdb.jpg
We hope you give a try to PlayWorld and if you may not like something in particular then please do let us know! Players feedback means a lot to us! Thank you for taking your time in viewing PlayWorld's advertisement. Hope you do give it a shot :). Links : PlayWorld - Home Play PlayWorld Download PlayWorld PlayWorld FPS -
This might be quite an off-topic since it's not based of RuneScape or even the use of its engine but PlayWorld also offers a First Person Shooter (FPS). We only have one developer for it, so the progress in it is quite slow. Nevertheless this is what it offers :-
  • Multiplayer
  • Team Flag Match
  • Free For All
  • Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch
  • 4 Classes
  • Room creation
  • Score board
  • Up to 16 players per room
  • Play from your browser
  • Multiple weapons
  • Multiple maps
  • No registration
[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xs8u_fhaasE[/youtube] Following pictures are from a lower version of PlayWorld FPS. Our current FPS is in v1.2 F1fTpmA.jpg Y6VQFGL.jpg OdAGzAN.jpg sAwCofF.jpg 7HAZPd1.jpg PlayWorld FPS uses Unity3d. Please go to the following link to check it out! PlayWorld FPS Beta
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