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MgqAc6s.gif Welcome to ManicPS Join Now Click Here! ManicPs is a custom rsps that was built upon player suggestions and creativity. Online 24/7, ManicPs has tons of unique & familiar content for players to enjoy. It will blow your mind with its amazing player vs monster combat, skilling, economy and custom points system. On a daily basis, players are rewarded with loyalty points and vote tickets if you have in fact voted. Below are some of the many features included in-game. - Custom weapons that have never been seen before in Runescape history - 25+ bosses ranging from normal Runescape bosses to custom bosses - A prestige game mode which offers beneficial rewards & leader boards for friendly competition - The all new rage game mode which provides players with an ability to deal larger amounts of damage when battling monsters - Membership bonds & exp upgrades are available for in-game gold - A new server event occurs EVERY 24 hours - Several Minigames to play with reward shops - A loyalty system that rewards you every 24 hours - Custom Barrows, Warrior guild, and pest control minigames - All new Zombie Slayer minigame with reward shop - 100+ achievements with a point system to exchange for rewards - Buying & selling items are made convenient with the implementation of Player owned shops - Earn points simply from skilling and exchange for items such as death touch darts, a drygore mace, and skilling gear - Slay with friends by using the duo slayer master in-game - A flawless duel arena with custom game modes - Unique Summoning System which allows boss pets to engage in combat - 20 total skills to level up (Dungeoneering & Construction under development) e3faa1928f6dc89c23dfcfb243900c08.gif 7cc30c057eae8d33cfda422f33f76814.gif 4b4aa60eccfc295bfb3a9189c2da18a0.gif f1U3G32.gif 1dBEMuc.gif s 2yYbhnR.gif XDGUDVI.gif b8612b55c7976557e413573064c4557d.png f28e94c30c2a2888224bd0df1737ab21.png 35a0516af30a649970edc050b0b77ffc.png e83d3464f0244e34a90093b361f41797.png 20295ebdc60f470da8177d5be2dbdb48.png 579b24bfb9d845008113d7efa51d527a.png 461693c03f61c6dfaa8f8b5be753cbec.png feb7b5daf43ff47cb75e085d80106a6e.png 9260f3746637b1848bac7a89fb963246.png 7542344275a64f7274b2578797e88fa8.png c73131d12b68ac39dee807050ade9391.png 0afabae2bba91d85308e57837899d2d7.png 992d23fc552016defab2e2123e519ab6.png dfa39e461237b8bd08bf5040c9c7b003.png e6377ccec2554eeed5b261e75c188a62.png 1134c2fe9f57e3b49a31ab101309cbd7.png 325d7c00e77e78290c180396dfe46bcf.png 530d82d4958448b0c327508c4ff73400.png ab2874ac7ebe119b6922eac686da8755.png eabb204b1dc61aed66eee76018e20a48.png 0798b228409285cc0ae1c1be73dff25b.png 4baeb98aa23b045cc1d12390c991a1af.png c708c2f59591f5d1194fddfb5588b05e.png 7bd2c3838121899bd6a31e3372d4a129.png b21f1e34b02adde7d944e5385408af29.png 627063f0526139a59aa733ea9ce71f39.png 91b6722494347d85f7320f0f0e74688b.png 7sN69ub.gif TuwWE0d.png WYeSQXP.png z6GIVbi.png 5haNqls.png 3bll7Ea.png UZrdOyG.png Bh676Wd.png PrBpi4I.png NRPdDoF.png Nt0SnAo.png 8ObSjHE.png oFAuRcs.png eZeRFvM.png 24b561f02e922e2305a8230e76dcf6c6.png aa0215dd225e568b19f7b827d510de61.png 1059a1ec2f28cc165cc8a80153cb626c.png Check out the new Mystery Box Drop spots by accessing your "M" Teleport. There are 3 zones each offering a different type of mystery box. 6cbd7ff0a71f7300570f1a408ddcb9a7.png Mystery Box Zone: f308eb20ed0c2cade61ce35babcf8ed4.png Super Mystery Box Zone: bbec2edc0c528005f11c4dc5b9b3f576.png Legendary Mystery Box Zone: 30deb22fb0fc1be2bbcd42e0f502e058.png
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