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banner.png [shadow=purple,left]MikeScape Servers[/shadow] [shadow=blue,left]Help Wanted! Looking for Staff[/shadow] ↓ Links» Mikescape HomePage « We have a great community, great items, and a great Server. Almost everyone who joins always has a positive comment. Mikescape - Old School Customs Server. 317 Based. Main Server. Lots of Cool Items. Over 1000 Custom Items to Date and more on the way! Perfect Switches Cool Items Great People Awesome Places! We have an arrangement of commands to help your game play and many more to come. We are online 24/7 We have lots of cool places and things to do. We have Custom Items and Custom Minigames! We have the most awesome Items made by HyphyMike himself. Usually 10+ Items Released Per Month We have a custom Corp and many other custom NPCs We have friendly Staff and Members We have a wide array of special places and items for all Members! This could be one of the best servers you’ll ever play. If you like customs, give us a try. We always strive for excellence! The Servers are on a BIG VPS so there is Absolutely NO LAG Please give us a try Thank you! See you soon!
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