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Dq0QbI2.png https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9_iupLuQXQ Information OS-Nova is a #108 loading OSRS Server, we aim to give the players high quality content, and let them experience the full OSRS Adventure without having to worry about not having fun. We have an amazing Eco & we have player based shops to let players make their own store. We are looking for players who love to play OSRS and that want the FULL experience without lack of content, we do give you that total new experience. Give us a try or visit our site for more information We merched with Draynor, if you need your character files back, contact "Tim" ingame Website Forums Play now!
- Full #108 OSRS Maps/Npcs/Animations/Items/GFX - Zulrah - Kraken - Callisto - Scorpio - Vet'ion - Chaos Elemental - Chaos Fanatic - Crazy Archeologist - Corperal Beast - Giant Mole - Player based stores - 72+ Achievements - Zeah Home - Ironman - Ultimate Ironman - Max Cape + Animation - Wilderness Resources - Kill feeds ( Shows PvM/PvP Kills) - QuickPrayers - FULL Barrows - Fight caves - Duel Arena - Weapon Game - Pest control - GodWars Dungeon - Prestige - Lava Dragons - TONS of content to explore! btw2mke.png CcZ2yck.png ZXkFiV9.png TClezt1.png k8eNgqO.png JbBIrSE.png qREOSzX.png GKXmJmA.png 8sFvCSG.gif iUqUzl6.png
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