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Welcome to my Advertisement for Old School, Like The Days!


We are now a PvP server for the last days of beta (ends 31/03).
Everywhere is unsafe except select area's - and for you newbs that like to run from fights there is a timer on you for entering back into a safe area.
You can choose to spawn and instantly PK or Boss.. or eco as a legit player! And for you all that prefer a challenge there is iron-man and hardcore iron-man modes, where players will be limited in shops, banks, trading and experience - but also have a greater drop ratio.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Let me introducing myself, I am Sam(Formerly Blackaddiction), I've been around Rune-Server, RSPS & Java for around 10 years (or longer).

OS, LTD is an Economy / Fast paced PvP / PvE Server, hoping to bring you back to the days!


Trouble Connecting?


Peace out folks, 

-  Sam.

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