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New Economy Pk Pvm Server with tons of content and features !!!

We keep our selver always updated and most importantly server is driven by community!
We're searching for awesome people to our Team, more information in Forums!
Make sure to check it out " src="https://www.moparscape.org/Smileys/vb/smile.gif">

... also we are having Double EXP for first month. So come and join quick and have lead of new players...- BUT first thing's first! The links:

Forums:  Offical Community
Play:  Riften Launcher


??? Daily Events ???

Monday - 2x Exp & Lottery ?
Tuesday - Double Vote Points ?
Wednesday - Double Pk Points ?
Thursday - Double Slayer Points ?
Friday - Double Pc Points ?
Saturday - 2x Exp & Lottery ?
Sunday - 2x Exp & Lottery ?

??? Daily Events ???



  • Bosses: We have over 20 bosses. A pleasurable mix of Pre-EoC and OSRS bosses. enough to keep your PvM cravings satisfied! +All Boss Pet's
  • Skills: 23 full skills! We know how most servers pay little to no attention on skills. We're different - skillers are respectively rewarded and skilling itself is an important aspect of our economy! +Full Construction
  • Economy: We're very proud of our economy! Being rich on Riften is definitely a challenge, but we believe in you!

Riften is 100% focusing on economy!

Riften is unique because you have to work your way up to the top and skilling is challenging and unique. You can't buy all the items from shops, for example you have to get Dragon Scimitar as a Drop. So it makes everything more interesting!
Theres alot more intereseting content like that, come and check it out by yourself!

Ofcourse server has perfect pvming(alot of bosses) and pking, perfect pos system with beutiful interfaces, shooting stars, evil trees, events, alot of custom items, randoms, particles system, customizable max/comp cape, active staff&community, trivia with good rewards, perfect balanced economy system with tons of ways to play and get rich, amazing content  and oppurtunity to challenge yourself with Ironman modes.

Media about Riften-

Until May we're having Double EXP and almost always fully filled Well of Goodwill, wich gives you good oppurtunity to train you're accounts up and start making money.

Alot of events coming...

3x 10$ Donator Scroll Giveaway Coming Soon!!!!
Join today!

Register on forums, be active and have a good playing experience.


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