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Are you looking for a server with nice players, amazing features, and a perfect economy? Then is Sparta-Scape the server for you! 24/7 ONLINE VPS COME JOIN NOW! 24/7 ONLINE VPS
~100% Fast EXP Rate! ~100% All perfect special attacks! ~100% 2 Different Prayer switches! ~100% Fully working Corporeal Beast! ~100% Fully working Perfect player Killing! ~100% Fully working PvP Area with real rs drops! ~100% Fully working Hybrid switches! ~100% Fully working Perfect PKing! ~100% Fully working Chaotic Weapons! ~100% Fully working Staff of Light! ~100% Fully working Minigames! ~100% Fully working Pest Control! ~100% Fully working spirit shields! ~100% Fully working Turmoil! ~100% Fully working Webclient! and and and....
Donations are OPEN, donate to get access to a faster way of earning MONEY! Donate to have access to some NEW FEATURES! Donate for having more FUN! Just go to http://www.sparta-scape.com and press the donate button below the game window and above the chatbox.
Picture content will be added soon!
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