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logo.png Click here to play now! Welcome to UnScape Online! UnScape was launched in 2007 and was a very popular server, holding the #1 spot for a long time across many major toplists. However, UnScape was shut down in 2009 and we were offline for a whole year. But now we're back, and we're better. We reconstructed the server into a unique gaming experience. We have a balanced economy, tons of awesome features, and very welcoming community. So join now! Website Webclient Download Client (Windows) Download Client (Mac/Linux) A0YUAYf.png6Q7OupP.pngA0YUAYf.png • A strong economy and balanced combat • Flawless Max/Comp cape customization via custom interface • Interactive, convenient banking system includes item placeholders and saved equipment loadouts gets you out of the bank and into the action even faster • Custom Minigame 'God's Glory' + awesome rewards • Flawless Barrows + tracker • Bosses include the Chaos Elemental, TzTok-jad + 31 waves of Tzhaar Fight Caves, King Black Dragon, and the Dagannoth Kings, with more to come! • No ::master commands or spawning means you earn your keep. This fuels competitiveness among the hiscores and creates a challenge. Even our Admins can't cheat. • Absolutely no Pay2Win. Donators are given a few nice perks, but nothing that gives them the edge over the rest of the community. • PKing arena & point system • A unique spin on treasure trails, dubbed 'Wilderness Keys' will lead you to hidden valuables. • Much more! A0YUAYf.pngJbudq2w.pngA0YUAYf.png This video was submitted by one of our players as the winner of our annual video competition. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dSNSw-DnCDs[/youtube] CIlz8Qo.png oEnE974.png mIOJdsf.png 5hHQt5E.png 8bUar.png WzXILA6.png aiD4Ln6.png IHAgZYJ.png
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