Project Pk 317 - PVM PK


We are currently a new server which was made in late May, we have a vey friendly community and seeking new players to join every day!
We strive to create the best server for it's base which is a "Delta" Personally my favourite, I love hearing everyone's suggestions because without you players, the server wouldn't be where it is now :)
We would love for you to Join our Server Project Pk and become part of the fantastic and friendly community! I can't wait to see you in game!


Before the old client didn't work for some people, that's all fixed now! So come and play!


Perfect Switching!

Perfect Vengence System

New options tab easy acces to Donator, Promoted + Staff zone!

Saradomin Sword Special!

Working Vesta + Statius Special Attack!

New Project Pk launcher for all platforms!


What are you waiting for? Come and Join Us Today!

--- God
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