Monster-WoW BFA / Legion / Cataclysm Server



The server is located in the United States, is considered one of the most stable. For every gamer will be offered responsive administration, rare disconnects, exciting events, powerful equipment, constant updates. Customer performance 80%! At the same time, more than 2000 users play, which makes this site attractive and relevant.


  • Mounts, guilds, groups, arena work;
  • Fully mechanics of quests;
  • Death Knight class quests are fully operational;
  • Guilds work and guild awards for levels;
  • Achievements, dungeons, cataclysms work;
  • The talent branch is working;
  • Exchange;
  • Flyers;
  • Auction.

There are some minor flaws in the quits, but in general the server is characterized as fast and reliable, with regular upgrades. The number of simultaneous users reaches 3500, which allows you to actively join the game at any stage.

Users are also attracted by good rates - map x 15, money x 15, mobs x 15, honors x 3, quests x 15 and so on.

Rated Battleground, may be named as best cataclysm private server, 12x courses, Dragon soul, Arena Season 11, 12, 14 and no lag – you can try at any time. The focus is on troubleshooting and increasing server performance. Information about repairing bugs is present and updated constantly. All the main quests are in good quality.

The server has existed for three years, enjoys well-deserved popularity, but has somewhat exhausted the growth opportunities. There were reports of the end of his activities - but were premature. Of the minuses – there is not a very convenient menu on the site and an unfriendly interface. It is worth getting used to the features of selection, filters and search.

In general - a good stable server, is not a leader, but feels pretty confident in the market.