Desert Treasure OSRS

Table of Contents

  • Quest Prerequisites
  • Items Required
  • Details
  • Quest Walkthrough

Quest Prerequisites

  • Dig Site
  • Druidic Ritual
  • Temple of Ikov
  • Tourist Trap
  • Troll Stronghold
  • Death Plateau
  • Priest in Peril
  • Waterfall Quest

Items Required

  • 650 gold
  • 6 steel bars
  • 12 magic logs
  • 6 molten glass
  • Ashes
  • Charcoal
  • Blood Runes
  • Cake
  • Lockpicks
  • silver bar
  • Spice
  • Pestle & Mortar
  • tinderbox
  • facemask



The Desert Treasure Quest is one of the most iconic quests during the golden age of Runescape, and most players used it to gain access to Ancient Magicks. While not a whole lot of lore is exposed in this quest, it set the stage to find out what happened to Zaros in later updates of the game.

This quest has a magic theme, so expect the fights to be centered around magic attacks. For a mid-level player, the bosses are some of the hardest in the game and are only rivaled by the latest master quests added in Runescape.

An archaeologist has reportedly found treasure in the desert, and you will be initially sent to investigate. It goes from a treasure hunt to being deeply embedded into the ancient history of Gielinor.

It’s recommended to complete Underground Pass to utilize Iban’s Blast for some of the bosses. Waiting until a higher magic level for the Trident of the Seas or other spells would also make fights a bit easier.



Official Length

Very Long

Quest Walkthrough

Starting, your only job is to talk to the archaeologist at Bedabin camp. You can reach him via the magic carpet ride outside of Shantay Pass. Talk to him and ask him for a quest, and promptly agree to accept it. You will be given some etchings to be taken to the Digsite. It would also be useful to bring the following noted so you can do the next part: Ashes, bones, charcoal, 6 molten glass, 12 magic logs, 6 steel bars

Make your way to the dig site Exam Centre to find Terry Balando. You can easily do this via a Digsite pendant or by teleporting to Varrock and walking east. Talk to him twice and he will take your etchings and then give you a book. You will then have to return to the archaeologist in Bedbin camp, basically doing the same step as the first paragraph in this guide.

When talking to the archaeologist, select the option to not read the book. Talk to him again and he should assign you to go to the Bandit Camp, located south. Note: You shouldn’t equip any god items to avoid being attacked by all the bandits in town. Attacking a single bandit will also make them aggressive.

Talk to the bartender inside the large bar in town, and buy a very overpriced beer for 650 coins. They will refer to the old diamonds being a childhood story, and one of the elders may know more about it. This is alluding to Eblis, located just east of the store. This is the most critical spot not to wear god items as it’s full of Level 74 bandits, who have accurate hits against even high-level players. Don’t worry if players are attacks the bandits as it won’t affect your dialog.

Talk to Eblis and he’ll be surprised you know something about the diamonds. Continue the dialog and you will learn that they’ve been stolen and each one as it’s unique elemental properties. He will then need various supplies, which were outlined above.

If you brought along noted items, there is an NPC called that can un-note your stuff for a small fee of 5 coins each. You will probably need to run back and forth to do all of them, but it saves time over banking. Use each of the items manually on both Tiles and the Eblis. A couple of the items, like the bones and steel bars, can be obtained from killing bandits if you were missing them.

After giving him all of the requested items, make your way down to the mirrors to the southeast. It should be a grey circle on the map and it would be hard to miss when going that general direction. Talk to Elbis and then you can look at each mirror to be given hints at where each type of diamond is located. You don’t have to look at each mirror to continue the quest, but it’s a neat part for lore purposes.

You may complete them in any order, but when you find each diamond, you should bank them ASAP to avoid being an attack from a level 95 assassin that uses a poisoned dragon dagger.

Finding the Blood Diamond

Going after the blood diamond will require you to go to Canafis, in search of an ancient vampire. First, you will need to bring along these items (but keep them in the bank until necessary): Garlic powder, a silver bar, spice and pestle, and mortar. The garlic powder may be made by crushing a normal piece of garlic.

Make your way to the Canafis bar, which would be easy via the Kharyll teleport at someone’s player-owned house. Upon entering the bar, there will be a cutscene in which the bartender is surprised at the presence of Malak, who you need to talk to.

You will explain to Malak that you’re in search of a Diamond with a magical aura, and Malak will arrange for a way to help you. You will have to promise to assure the death of the owner of the diamond, and he will happily help you locate him. Killing him is not so easy, so Malak will explain how you need to kill him.

Taking a silver bar along with you, travel to the Draynor Village sewers and talk to Rauntan in the center. You won’t be able to make the silver pot if you didn’t ask Malak how to kill Dessous. Once he makes your pot, you will have to travel to Entrana to get it blessed, so bank any armor or weapons on you.

Once on Entrana, use your pot on the High Priest inside the church and you will have it blessed. Return to Canafis via any means and talk to Malak once again.

Once you talk to Malak again, he will bite you for 5 damage to fill it with blood. Then use the garlic powder and spice to complete the mixture. You must prepare for battle, and that can be in multiple ways. If you have a decent combat level, bring melee gear along with prayer potions and food. It is difficult to safe spot him since he teleports around, so you will be better off tanking his hits and fighting close-up.

You will need to make your way to the graveyard east of the Mort Myre Swamp. You can walk all the way there from Canafis, but preferably, teleport to the Shades of Mort’ton minigame and take the rowboat nearby. You can also teleport to the Ectofungus and run down past the bridge.

Regardless of your travel method, once you make it there, switch on your protect from melee and initiate the fight. This is done by pouring your blood on the tomb and the maniacal vampire will pop out and attack you. Keep an eye on your health since he hits accurately with a magic/ranged attack.

If you have a low-level pure and safe-spotting is important, it’s still possible but not quite effective since he can teleport to you. Stand behind the fence and mage him, and if he teleports, kite around the fence to set it up again. You may also bring a cannon along to help.

Once you kill him, you won’t get the diamond, but you can return to Canafis for the real owner. Talk to Malak and get the diamond, and run over to the bank to deposit the diamond to avoid being attacked.

Getting The Ice Diamond

The Ice diamond requires you to explore the icy land of trolls in the North. Some would argue that this is the hardest diamond to get, with both a hard boss and a hard to scale agility section. The items you need to have prepared are: Rune for fire spells (Firebolt being recommended), multiple super restore potions, magical armor of choice, spiked boots, cake, runes for Trollheim teleport, high-healing food and a one-click teleport.

To get on with this section, have all your gear and teleport to Trollheim (or venture there if you haven’t completed the quest). This is a very dangerous place as your stats will be reduced when going through the snow, and there are high-level trolls that will attack you and can fit in the 20’s It is recommended that you have your prayer on and be ready to eat at all times.

Head out of the maze and go north until you see encounter the Troll child and snowy terrain. Use your cake on the child to get him to stop crying and he will explain his plight. Accept his deal and go through the gate. Take note that your stats will start to reduce once going past the gate towards the next part.

After going past the gate, you need to kill 5 high-level trolls to move on. You may kill them any way you see fit, but using the fire spells your brought along should do just fine. It’s possible to kite some of the trolls near the gate to save food and prayer.

Once you’ve finished that, you can go through the cave and continue on the path full of wolves. Turn on protect from melee and curve your way up north until you reach the fight with Kamil.

In case you haven’t prepared for the fight, you should use ether fire spells or melee (for high-level players) as much else isn’t very effective against him. It should be noted that he is immune to Iban Blast, so you might as well bring Fireblast, bolts or waves to kill him.

Kamil hits very frequently with both ice barrage and melee, so you will need to pray against one of the two. Burn him down with your fire spells, and he will drop chocolate cakes and a super restore potion. You’re not finished yet as you need to go to the top of the glacier to find the troll parents.


You will need to follow a circular path that’s invisible on the minimap, but completely visible on the main map. Once you get to the icy ledge, equip your spiked climbing boots and click on it to continue on the path. You will then have to walk along the long ice path, which somewhat functions as an agility obstacle and you may notice some agility XP ticks. You will occasionally fall on your face and take damage until you reach the troll parents.

Attack each ice block as if they were enemies, and each troll will be free after dealing 10 damage. A short dialog will appear and they will safely take you to the entrance with the troll child, who will then leave you with the coveted ice diamond.

Finding the Smoke Diamond

The smoke diamond is found down in a cave near Pollnivneach, but you need some gear before you venture there. Be sure to bring: A facemask, tinderbox, water spell runes, magic armor of choice, 200 coins for carpet rides, a Shantay pass, prayer potions, and decent food. A completed slayer helmet would be preferable in this instance since it gives better defense and offensive bonuses, but it may not be available to lower level players. A gas mask can also work, but you need to be careful about accidentally attacking any Dust Devils.

Take all of these items and travel to Pollnivneach via a carpet ride, then run west towards the dungeon on the minimap. Before you enter the dungeon, make sure your facemask is on at all time or you will take some serious passive damage that you probably won’t have enough food to handle.

Once inside the dungeon, take note that you will need to light four torches at each corner of the map. You will need to rush as the torches can burn out, requiring you to start again. The right side of the dungeon has two other torches and is quite a long path, so don’t fret if it starts to seem confusing going down the winding path.

Once they are lit, you will get an in-game message that you can claim the key from the chest. Run over to the center with the aggressive Fire giants and open the chest. This can now be used to open the gate on the eastern side to start the boss fight.

If you use protect from melee, this boss fight is rather easy and he’s weak against water spells. Once you open the gate, Farheed will begin attacking you and just tank any of his hits and cast your spells. Once defeated, the diamond will appear in your inventory.

If you are pure with low defense and/or prayer, you should consider bringing along snare spells (like Entangle) so you can safely kill him. You will still likely need food in the event snare splashes and he gets a few hits in on you. Also, be sure to utilize the maximum gap possible since you can’t recast another snare for a few seconds.

Finding the Shadow Diamond

This diamond is a bit more complicated to get through and it has a few sections. To start with, you will have to put together the following gear: 20-50 lockpicks (based on luck), a teleport method to the Fishing Guild, an anti-poison, shantay pass, high-healing food, and a stamina potion. If you have trouble getting lockpicks as an ironman, you can buy them in the Rouges Den. They can also be randomly obtained by pickpocketing bandits in the same camp, but it would be easier just to bring them in bulk.

Head west of the Fishing Guild to meet up with a merchant named Rasolo, who is walking around a fenced area. You will have to run past several Moss Giants, so be aware if you’re a low-level player.

Ignore his shop and ask him about the diamonds, to which he will respond that he needs a certain trinket from the Bandit Camp to help you. To get the requested gilded cross, you will have to loot a chest and then receive a ring of invisibility to make it down to the Shadow Dungeon.

Head down to Bedabin Camp via the magic carpet ride and then run south the Bandit Camp. If you need to un-note your lockpicks or food, do so at Tiles within the General Store.

Make your attempt by using your lockpick on the chest and you will immediately know when you’ve failed. Every attempt consumes a lockpick, so keep on using them until you get the relic. You can get it on the first try, or the 100th try, you won’t know until you get it. It would be apparent when you get it as you will get an experienced drop and slight stall that’s unique from other attempts.

Once you have the cross, go back to the merchant and exchange it for the Ring of Invisibility, which reveals the ladder to the dungeon when equipped. You can save this ring after the quest to use the skeletons as a training spot. It’s now time to bank for supplies and prepare for a relatively hard boss fight. You will need prayer potions, decent food, the ring of invisibility, a combination of magic/prayer equipment, a stamina potion and a means of teleporting out.

Go back to the ladder and go down to the Shadow Dungeon, which will have plenty of high-level skeletons around. While the path seems confusing, just head east until the dead end, then north, loop down south, and head east until you get to a giant room.

Damis will spawn in this room and he’s pretty easy to beat in his first form with protecting from melee on. His second form will have higher defense and harder hits while draining your prayer, so keep sipping your potions or tanking his damage until he is down.

It’s possible to trap him behind dogs in various spots of the dungeon, but in the end, it’s easier to use Pray Melee and tank his hits while bringing him down. A large pile of dogs and Skeletons would also likely be on you, so protect from melee will also mitigate damage from them.

While older guides have mentioned he is weak to earth spells, Jagex moderators have mentioned that this isn’t true at all. He is weak against magic spells of any sort, so feel free to bring whatever you prefer, including your strongest fire spell. Spells like Iban Blast, Magic Dart, the Magic Trident, or a salamander will all work in this instance. If you want to use melee, that can work well too with decent gear and a high Strength/Attack level.

Once killed, you will receive the shadow diamond as a drop. Make sure to loot it as it won’t automatically appear in your inventory. Be sure to bring it to a bank, and if you forgot teleport runes, the Fishing Guild is the closest place to run.

Raiding the Jaldraocht Pyramid

While it’s dangerous to do so, you need to take out all four diamonds to venture out to the great pyramid in the Kharidian desert. You will also need to bring along: prayer enhancing equipment, stamina potions, super restore potions, saradomin brews, weight-reduction gear, water skins, and teleport runes. If you have the Ivandis flail, that can be used for a +5 prayer boost without adding additional weight. Some guides may recommend bringing food, but saradomin brews are much more efficient since they barely add any weight to your inventory and will free up a significant amount of space.

Return to the mirrors in the desert with all four diamonds. Keep in mind that you can still be attacked by the stranger, so keep your guard up. Head down to the pyramid that’s visible on the map to the southeast, and place a diamond on each corresponding obelisk. It should be easy to tell which diamonds fit due to the appearance of each obelisk.

Head up the stairs and enter the pyramid through the top door. Once you climb down the ladder, be aware that you will be constantly attacked by enemies, so keep your prayer and health up. This includes multiple scarabs and mummies, and there is always the chance to get poisoned. Dying here is not a safe death and it’s instanced, so make sure not to bring valuable items nor make unnecessary risks if you’re a hardcore ironman.

The first room is easy as you need to just click on the ladder via the map to run there. You may get interrupted by scarabs, so pay attention.

The second room is also relatively easy as you just need to click on the norther ladder. However, the path is still much longer and you need to watch out for scarabs. Go down the ladder once you reach it.

The third room is a little more complex but still doable in just a few clicks. On the minimap, click on the lowest visible tunnel that has a flat top. Keep following the path until you get around that marker. By the time you get there, you should see the ladder within view. Click on the ladder and your character should path to it.

The fourth room will be the most hectic and you will be automatically greeted by attacking zombies. The initial goal is to run to the northwestern corner of the map, and the path should be pretty apparent as you go along. You will then head east until the further corner, then down west towards the altar’s door. You will push through the door to the final part of the quest.

Once arriving in the altar room, you will meet Azzanadra and he will talk to you about the war. A scarab swarm may follow you into the room, so kill it if needed. He will begin to tell you about some of the ancient Zarosian civilizations that were lost with time, and he will tell you that he no longer has a connection with Zaros. You will then get the quest reward of 20,000 magic experience and the ability to switch to ancient magicks.


If you ever need to switch again, you can return to the rear entrance of the pyramid for instant access to the altar. An even easier method of switching is to use the altar within a player-owned house so you don’t have to make the trek through the desert. Keep in mind that some essential teleports, like the House Teleport, is missing from the new spellbook, so you need to make due using teleport tabs.

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