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Last auction winners

Rank User Sold price Auction start Auction end
3 runesaga 101 2024-05-28 20:05:00 2024-05-28 20:12:00
1 Palidino 800 2024-05-25 00:00:16 2024-05-28 20:00:00

How bidding system works

We hold 3 consecutive auctions for rank 1 to 3. After auction for rank 1 ends we start: short 5 minutes auction for rank 2 and then for rank 3. The highest bidder for each auction wins.
Please refresh the page each time an auction ends to enter the next one.
You can participate in the auction only if you have at least 1 approved site.
Placing a new winning bid in the last 2 minutes will extend current auction for 2 minutes.
Minimum initial bid for rank 1: $500, for rank 2: $300, for rank 3: $100.
To avoid childish overbidding we set the minimum rebidding amount at 50$ more than the last bid.
The displayed timer for auction end may lag, please place your bids in a timely manner.
Note: If a winner does not pay, he will get permanently banned. The system will pick the next highest bidder.