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roatpkz RSPS

roatpkz RSPS

If you're a big fan of Old School Runescape but not willing to sacrifice half of your day on tedious tasks such as leveling up
and gaining experience points, then Roat PKZ is the perfect place for you.
Roat PKZ is home to thousands of active players that tune in daily from all corners of the world to partake in the vast number
of activities that Roat PKZ has to offer. Roat PKZ is one of the most popular
Runescape private servers out there and the most immersive RSPS to date.

RPKZ is an enhanced version of Runescape it is the potential that Runescape had but never reached.
We house the biggest wilderness scene in the RSPS community, this is a place for you and your friends to really feel
and taste what the real RS PKing experience is like. RPKZ is a community driven server that strives
to offer the most convenient RS experience out there.
Not only does Roat PKZ house the most competitive PKing scene out there but we have also recently
introduced skilling to the game which gives the player the option grind up more calm and laid back skills
unlike the high alert and intense PVP scene.

If you're thinking Roat PKZ is the typical pay to win RSPS you're completely wrong.
Our main goal is for there to be as much of a fair gaming environment as possible.
We have a staff team that works around the clock to ensure everyones safety and satisfaction,
so that no discrimination and things of that nature may harm our players gaming experience.
We have a state of the art anti bot and cheat system which accurately detects any use of illegal
third party clients: this includes, macroing, auto clickers and much more.
As soon as such a threat is detected it doesn't take long before the abuser is issued a ban.
We tend to have zero bugs or glitches in our server but if in the rare scenario that such a thing happens it doesn't take a milli second before any unwanted data is neutralised and brought off our server.

Since Roat PKZ is community driven and strictly community funded we offer a shop that offers hefty in game items and
obtainables which you can show off to your friends. Not only does this enhance your gaming experience and overall fun but it also helps keep RPKZ alive and not only survive as a community but also strive to become better and more convenient to the player. Every transaction helps tremendously with the growth of the server and in a way waters our seed which is RPKZ to become bigger and better than ever before.

Roat PKZ is the perfect fit if you're just looking to have a good time and enjoy some real quality gaming experience and immerse yourself to the real potential of Runescape accompanied with the most friendly gaming community out there.

Join us today at Roat PKZ and start your brand new adventure with thousands of other gamers.

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