RuneWild RSPS

RuneWild RSPS

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RuneWild is an OSRS based Spawn PK Server

Runewild is an OSRS PKing based server. This RSPS consists of only the PvP scene but it doesn't work like any other server, by winning weekly tournaments players are eligible to win $100 USD.

Runewild hosts a vast community with hundreds of players tuning in everyday from all corners of the world. Players can participate in several game modes such as PvP leagues, PvM content, wilderness events, tournaments, clan events and much more to come with that. What makes Runewild so special is that it is its own little MMO with a unique spin to it. It is a PvP orientated online MMORPG.

What divides us from different servers? a824211e61974a3921e2c9476b4ef868.gif

Quick Gear system
Runewild has its own unique interface, on top of the original OSRS interface we give you the option to hotkey which gear you use for PvP. This allows you to just press on a hotkey to change to a specific item or gear which makes the PKing experience much more paced and intense. We have swords and armor unique to Runewild only and presets for quick access for login account details and PK gear setups ready within seconds.


Runewild isn't only strictly for PvP game play only but it hosts numerous PvM content as well, bosses in the wilderness and more such as Verzik, Vitus and Hydra where you can obtain unique loot, gear and perks from.

For the true original Runescape experience we allow all forms and types of gambling familiar to Runescape. Flowers, dicing and dueling/staking. But to prevent scamming and abusing other players we have made all forms of gambling and staking fully automatic by script which is way more convenient and is a great strategy to combat scamming occurring on the server.




Using your mail to login and recovery system through the client

During a Mage Bank event

Vorkath with it's toxic pool, dragonfire barrages, prayer disabling dragonfire and zombified spawn. 

The wilderness event: Treasure chest, an event that occurs every 20 minute.

A player performing the fire surge spell

The duel interface of RuneWild with all options working

Staking, flowerpoker and dicing is fully automatic to prevent scammers.

Unlocking certain features and extending certain tasks at the slayer master

Looting bag identically to OSRS

Catacombs with a great hourly profit

Small but an important feature for the PKers, the royal seed pod


Newcomers receiving certain rewards for a certain amount of time.

Runewild is the ideal PvP server, skip the hassle of grinding and training reaching combat levels only to PK. Here you register your account and immediately get in on the action. Come join us today at Runewild RSPS and get ready for battle.

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