Dragon Slayer OSRS Guide

Table of Contents

  • Quest Prerequisites
  • Skilling Requirements
  • Quest Details
  • Quest Walkthrough
  • Rewards

Quest Prerequisites

  • Any combination of Quests adding to 32 Quest Points.

Skilling Requirements

  • Ability to defeat a level 83 Dragon
  • 8 Crafting or the ability to use the Grand Exchange
  • *Recommended: 33 Magic / 37 Prayer*

Items Required

  • Unfired Bowl: Can be made by using Soft Clay on a Pottery Wheel
  • Wizard’s Mind Bomb: Can be purchased from either Burthope’s or Falador’s Inns
  • Lobster Pot: Can be purchased from any fishing shop
  • Piece of Silk: Can be purchased from Thessalia in Varrock for 30 OSRS Gold
  • Magic or Ranged Weapon: Bring runes to cast Telekinetic Grab or you will need to pay 10k OSRS Gold
  • 90 Steel Nails: Can be purchased from Sawmill Operators or smithed at level 34 Smithing
  • 3 Regular Planks: Can be found at Barbarian Outpost and Port Khazard
  • Hammer
  • 2000 OSRS Gold (10k OSRS Gold without Telekinetic Grab)
  • *Recommended Items*
  • Stamina Potions / Weight Reducing Armor
  • Combat Bracelet: For teleports
  • Antifire Potions: Will significantly reduce the damage done by Elvarg



Prove yourself a true champion. Kill the mighty dragon Elvarg of Crandor and earn the right to buy and wear the Rune platebody.



Official Length


Quest Walkthrough

The Start

The starting point of this Quest is inside the Champions’ Guild just south of Varrock. Once you have obtained 32 Quest Points, you may enter the Champions Guild and speak to the Guildmaster. If you ask him for a Quest he will tell you to visit Oziach who is living just West of the Edgeville General Store. Oziach will tell players that before he can sell them the legendary Rune Platebody, they must first kill the notorious Elvarg the dragon who resides on Crandor, the scorched island south of Entrana. After Oziach has revealed this, return to the Guildmaster inside the Champions Guild. The Guildmaster will inform players that the map containing the route to Crandor is split into three pieces they must find before taking the journey. He will also tell you about a shield used to protect oneself from dragonfire. When asking about Melar’s map piece, the Guildmaster will hand you a key. If your inventory is full you will not receive the key and will need to restart the dialogue. To save time later in the Quest, now is also the best time to ask the Guildmaster about buying a ship.NOTE: You will need to go through ALL dialogue options with the Guildmaster to proceed in the Quest.

Obtaining Anti-Dragon Shield

To obtain the Anti-Dragon Shield and protect against Elvarg’s dragonfire breath, you will need to first head to Lumbridge and then locate Duke Horacio. After a short dialogue, he will give you the shield for free. Alternatively players can simply purchase an Anti-Dragon Shield from the Grand Exchange for less than 100 OSRS Gold.

Melzar’s Maze: Maze Key, Food, Combat Equipment (Range / Mage for safespot)

After banking and grabbing the supplies above, it’s time to get your first map piece! It is located in Melzar’s Maze which is situated North-West of Rimmington. To gain entrance into the Maze you must have obtained the Maze Key during the dialogue with the Guildmaster. To complete Melzar’s Maze, you will need to kill specific NPC’s to gain a key that will allow you to move on to the next section. The rooms will eventually lead you into a fight with a Level 82 Lesser Demon where success will gain you access to your first map piece. Once inside follow these simple steps:

  1. Kill the small Zombie Rat that has a long tail to obtain the Red Key. Once the key has been achieved, use the Northernmost door and go up the ladder. (The room contains a bookcase, table and chairs)
  2. Kill the Ghost wearing a tube top WITHOUT a cape to obtain the Orange Key. Once the key has been achieved, use the second door from the North side and go up the ladder.
  3. Kill the Skeleton wearing a small round shield to obtain the Yellow Key. Once the key has been achieved, use the Southwestern door. Go down the ladder and take it all the way down to the bottom floor.
  4. Once at the bottom floor, you will be in a room with two Zombies. Kill the Zombies until you get a Blue Key. Once the key has been achieved, use the blue door to move on to the next room. DO NOT EXIT VIA THE REGULAR DOOR. Doing so will force you to restart the entire maze.
  5. Kill Melzar the Mad (Level 43). For low levels, it is possible to safespot Melzar by trapping a spider in between yourself and Melzar. Once he has been Killed he will drop a Magenta Key. Use it to open the only magenta door.
  6. This room contains the highest level NPC in the quest who could be considered the boss of the Quest. The Level 82 Lesser Demon can be safespotted. For those who are using Magic or Ranged, simply stand one square to the right of the magenta door, this will allow you to hit the demon without taking damage. If using Melee, simply using Protect from Melee will negate all damage from the demon. Once the demon has been killed it will drop a Green Key. Use this key on the green door.
  7. Once through the green door, open AND search the chest to recieve your first map piece! Go up the ladder, and exit through the doors.

Thalzar: Unfired bowl, Wizard’s Mind Bomb, Lobster Pot, Silk

To obtain your next map piece, you will need to take the above items to the Oracle. The Oracle lives on the Northern end of Ice Mountain in a small tent. Talk to her and she will give you the order in which to use your items on the door in the next step. Once she gives you this information, make your way into the Dwarven Mine (Using the ladder near the group of Dwarves on the Southern side of Ice Mountain). Head to the North-Eastern most room inside the Dwarven Mine (only perfectly square room on the minimap). Once here use ALL the items on the door of the room to gain access. Once inside, open and search the chest located in the center of the room to gain your second map piece!

Lozar: 10k OSRS Gold OR Ranged / Magic combat equipment, runes to cast Teleblock (33 Magic+ Required)

Time to obtain the final map piece. Luckily, this is the quickest piece to acquire and quite simple. First you must go to the Goblin Village located North of the Falador Gate. Once here talk to either of the Goblin Generals, they will tell you that Wormbrain has been arrested and jailed. The Port Sarim Jail is located in Port Sarim, South of the docks and just East of the Altar. There are two ways to obtain the Map Piece from Wormbrain. Either pay him 10k OSRS Gold in exchange for the map piece, or attack him with Ranged or Mage then pick up the dropped map piece via the Teleblock spell. Once the third map piece has been obtained, use on map piece on any of the others and you will combine to form the Treasure Map.

Lady Lumbridge: A Hammer, the Crandor Map, 90 Steel Nails, 3 Planks and 2k OSRS Gold

Prior to starting this section, if you have not talked to the Guildmaster earlier in the Quest about buying a boat, you will need to do so before going to see Klarense. Once you have banked and grabbed the items listed, it’s time to get your ship. Head down to Port Sarim and search for Klarense the sailor. He will be located on the second-most Southern dock. After some short Dialogue, you will offer to sell you his boat (Lady Lumbridge) for 2k OSRS Gold. Pay him the 2k OSRS Gold to be the proud owner of a boat! Cross the Gangplank and board the boat. Go downstairs and you will see a hole in the bow of the ship. Use your planks on the holel three times to repair it fully.

After fully repairing the ship, got to Draynor Village and search for Ned who is located North of the Bank. Ask him to be the Captain of your new ship, the Lady Lumbridge.He will agree and meet you back at the Docks. If you did not fully repair the ship or do not have the Crandor Map in your inventory, you will not be able to recruit Ned as your ship Captain.

Elvarg the Dragon: Food, Combat Equipment, Anti-Dragon shield,Antifire Potion

It’s time for the Boss battle of this Quest, defeating Elvarg the Dragon. To gear properly you MUST use the Anti-Dragon shield. Elvarg is particularly weak to stab attacks so it is recommended that you bring a Dragon Sword instead of a Dragon Scimitar. For those who are wanting to go Ranged instead, bring your best crossbow and bolts for the quickest kill. The rest of your inventory should be:1 Antifire potion, 1 Ranged/Melee Potion, 1 Prayer Potion, Food, Teleport back to Edgeville.

Once you are geared for battle, head back to Port Sarim and climb aboard your ship. Once on board, talk to the Captain to set sail for the island of Crandor. A short cut-scene will take place, at the end of which you will have crashed onto the island. Make your way to the top of the mountain where a Dungeon sign is on your Minimap. There are a few monsters on your route to the top so be sure to keep an eye on your health. Once at the top, go down the stairs to enter Elvargs Dungeon. Run past the Skeletons and you will see Elvag in a cage with door. Before you enter, run a little further South where you will see wall that has an open option. Push the door open and you will now have a shortcut to Elvarg’s Dungeon if you die or teleport away. Once ready, enter the cage with Elvarg.

Strategies: Using the prayer Protect from Magic will significantly decrease the amount of damage taken from Elvarg. Players who are going to use Ranged or Magic attacks do have to stand next to Elvarg and thus will negate his Melee attacks. With Combat stats above level 40, Elvarg will not be a challenge to kill. However, if you should die or teleport out, Elvarg will NOT heal. Making it easier for your second attempt.

Finishing the Quest

Once Elvarg has been killed, a short cut scene in which you remove Elvargs head as proof you have slayed him. After the head has been obtained, teleport to Edgeville or make your way back exit your way through the shortcut. From here, go back to Oziach with Elvargs head in your inventory to complete the Quest!


  • 2 Quest Points
  • Ability to equip Rune Platebodies
  • Ability to equip Dragon Platebodies
  • 18,650 Strength Exp
  • 18,650 Defence Exp
  • Access to Corsair Cove Resource Area
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