OSRS Firemaking Guide

Firemaking Guide OSRS

Table of Contents

  • Useful Quests
  • Useful Items
  • Firemaking Training Methods

Useful Quests

  • The Giant Dwarf: 1,500 EXP
  • Heroes’ Quest: 1,575 EXP
  • Enlightened Journey: 4,000 EXP
  • Making Friends With My Arm: 5,000 EXP
  • Enakhra's Lament: 7,000 EXP

Useful Items


There is no method in the game in which a tinderbox isn’t used. It is used to spark a fire on logs and you will get experience.

Woodcutting Axe

If you plan obtaining your own logs, have your best axe handy to full up your inventory.

Infernal Axe

The infernal axe is a Dragon Axe infused with a Smouldering Stone. It gives the player a 33% chance to burn a log while cutting a tree. It’s a means of passive firemaking experience while powerleveling Woodcutting.

Firemaking Training Methods

Regular Logs (1 - 15)

There isn’t any other way to start firemaking other than burning basic logs. While it is a bit more expensive, you should blast through the preliminary levels as it is over 50,000 experience per hour. No other skill compares to how quick training is at such a low level.

If you need a source of logs without buying them, there are plentiful amounts of regular trees around Lumbridge. Also, there is a log spawn in the Lumbridge Castle’s bank in which you can hop worlds and light free logs.

Oak Logs (15 – 30)

Oak logs are even faster at 89,000 experience per hour without costing much more than regular logs. There are many spots to cut them if you are an Ironman, like the Falador Park or Draynor Village.

Willow Logs (30 – 45)

Willow logs are where it starts to get cheaper as so many of them are flooded into the game. Simply burn at a spacious area, like the Grand Exchange, and you will gain around 130,000 experience per power.

A good spot to obtain your own logs is behind the building in Rimmington. This is especially an ideal spot for F2P ironmen as there is little competition with bots or other players.

Teak Logs (35 – 45)

While you would have to be pretty insane to buy these expensive logs, they are a slightly faster at 150,000 experience per hour.

This really should only be reserved for those cutting on teak trees as these are expensive due to the demand for construction.

Maple Logs (45 – 60)

Maple Logs are the absolute cheapest logs in the game to burn since there is so much supply on the Grand Exchange. It is also a go-to method for most F2P players. You gain a massive 200,000 experience per hour while barely spending any gold.

To obtain your own logs as an Ironman, you may invest in your Kingdom and put workers on Maple Trees for them to passively accumulate. A good spot to cut them is just outside the Ogress cave on Corsair Cove, which is also available to F2P players.

Yew Logs (60 – 75/90)

While Yew Logs are quite expensive, they are still not a bad deal per experience considering how fast they are compared to other methods. Assuming you are going at full concentration, you will easily get over 300,000 experience per hour. It is recommended to use these until Redwood Logs are Available.

Please don’t attempt to cut your own Yew Logs as they are incredibly slow. If you are an Ironman, you would be better off staying with Maple Logs.

Magic Logs (75 – 90)

Magic Logs are the most expensive means to train Firemaking in the game, but it is extremely fast at this level bracket. If you have the budge, you can get to Level 90 by the end of the day with 450,000 experience per hour. Just like with Yew logs, these are slow to cut and you shouldn’t try obtaining your own.

Redwood Trees ( 90– 90)

Redwood logs are the fastest experience in the game, which isn’t surprising considering how the experience scales with each log. You will get over 500,000 experience per hour and it is around the same price per experience as burning Yew Logs. If you have the budget to buy them all, you can get all 9 levels within a couple of days of reasonable game time.

Wintertodt ( 50 – 99)


Let’s face it, firemaking had always been a boring skill filled with dead content since Runescape Classic. Jagex’s attempt to revive the skill and make it more AFK came with Wintertodt, and it was a success. It is located in the Northern Tundras of the Kourend continent and there is a town with a bank so you can get prepared.

There is passive damage from just being in the area unless you wear sufficient warm clothing. At least four pieces are required, and things like the clue hunter outfit, Santa’s outfit or Fire Staves count as protection. You will still take some damage regardless, and this scales based on your hitpoints level. Some players start a new account with 10 HP so that there is barely a need for food. There is also a 3x3 snow attack to look out for, so as long as you stay away, you won’t get hit significantly.

This boss fight is open to everyone who enters the instance and there are no segmenting or player limits, aside from the 2,000 player limit on the world. You may even attempt to solo it on an empty world, but this isn’t a great idea considering how slow and dangerous it would be.

When your first enter the arena, follow along with the other players to one of the corners in the room. The idea is to cut the Brooma root (gaining Woodcutting experience) and then use them on the lit burner to gain experience and damage the boss. You can also fletch the logs into kindling to make each log more effective.

The burner will sometimes break, and if you have a hammer on-hand, you can repair it for a small amount of Construction experience. Otherwise, there will likely be several players ready to repair it so its barely noticeable if you’re AFK training.

Once the boss dies, you get your loot crate and you need to vacate the boss room. You may open the crates on the spot or bank them and go back for another fight.

There is an activity meter that determines if you get the reward at the end of the game, so you’re not allowed to slack. An effective strategy is to fletch at least a couple of loads of logs so that you get more points towards your activity, assuring you get a loot crate at the end. Otherwise, you can use your logs without fletching if you only care about raw experience.

This minigame is unique in the sense that it enables Firemaking to be a profitable skill rather than just a waste of money. The crate randomly drops supplies, including rare tree seeds, and the occasional Tome of Fire. You probably won’t make a lot of money going all the way to Level 99, but at least you won’t be at a loss.

What can at least be said about the drops is that they are excellent for starting ironmen. Ther e are ores for Smthing, logs for fletching or firemaking, seeds for farming, and the list goes on. This is likely why more fresh Ironmen get 99 firemaking before anything.

The experience scales with having a higher level and a better axe when available. Expect to get 160,000 experience per hour at level 50 and 280,000 experience at level 90. Obtaining the Pyromancer outfit from loot crates increases experience by 2.5%, even with other methods.

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