OSRS Fishing Guide

Fishing is a Free-to-Play skill which allows players to catch their own raw fish from various bodies of water throughout the game. Fishing spots can be identified on the map by the icon

Raw fish may be cooked on a fire or a range, providing that the player has the appropriate Cooking level for the fish that they're trying to cook.


In order for a player to catch fish, some form of equipment is usually necessary (with the exception of barehanded Fishing, which we'll get into later); Bait may also be required depending on the type of fish that the player is attempting to catch.

The majority of this equipment & bait can be bought from Fishing shops throughout the game (Which can be identified on the map by the icon). The various forms of equipment & bait can be found below:

  • Net Fishing: No bait required. There are two variations of nets used within the Fishing skill; Small fishing net & Big fishing net
  • Bait Fishing: Fishing rod & Fishing bait
  • Fly Fishing: Fly fishing rod & Feathers
  • Harpoon Fishing: Harpoon (or Barb-tailed harpoon, a wieldable version of the harpoon). Players are able to catch fish in these spots with their bare hands providing that they have the appropriate Fishing & Strength levels, and Barbarian Fishing training has been completed.
  • Cage Fishing: Lobster pot. No bait required.
  • Barbarian Fishing: Heavy rod (Found underneath Otto Godblessed's bed) and one of the following types of bait: Fishing bait, Feathers, Roe, Caviar & Fish offcuts. Pay-to-Play only
  • Aerial Fishing: Cormorant & King worms (or Fish chunks). Pay-to-Play only

Players are also able to receive a boost of an extra 2.5% experience when Fishing if wearing the full Angler set. This can be obtained from the Fishing Trawler minigame, or by trading in 100 Molch Pearls to Alry the Angler for 1 of 4 pieces.

Quest Experience Rewards

Questing is a great way for a player to gain some easy experience. The following quests offer Fishing experience as part of their rewards:

  • Fishing Contest - 2,437 Fishing experience
  • Heroes' Quest - 2,725 Fishing experience
  • The Fremminik Trials - 2,812 Fishing experience
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio - 5,000 Fishing experience
  • Rum Deal - 7,000 Fishing experience
  • Sea Slug - 7,125 Experience
  • Swan Song - 10,000 Fishing experience
  • Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Pirate Pete - 1,000 Fishing experience

Total experience: - 38,149 Fishing Experience

Regular Fishing

The following are regular fish that can be caught throughout Gielinor using conventional methods:

Image Name Level Exp Equipment Bait
Shrimp 1 10 Small Net N/A
Anchovies 15 40 Small Net N/A
Trout 20 50 Fly Fishing Rod Feather
Salmon 30 70 Fly Fishing Rod Feather
Tuna 35 80 Harpoon N/A
Lobster 40 90 Lobster Pot N/A
Swordfish 50 100 Harpoon N/A
Monkfish 62 120 Small Net N/A
Shark 76 110 Harpoon N/A

Barbarian Fishing

The premise of barbarian fishing is exactly the same as regular fishing but a player's Strength & Agility levels are also a factor in whether or not they are able to catch the fish.

Image Name Fishing Level Agility & Strength Level Fishing Experience Agility & Strength Experience Cooking Experience
Leaping Trout 48 15 50 5 10
Leaping Salmon 58 30 70 6 10
Leaping Sturgeon 70 45 80 7 15

If a player were to barbarian fish from 48-99, they would gain an estimated 1.3 million experience in both Strength & Agility.

Suggested Training Route

Levels 1-24: Questing

Completing the Sea Slug quest is the fastest possible method for a player to get past the early fishing levels. It's a short quest and only requires 30 Firemaking to complete.

Levels 24-47/58: Fly Fishing

From 24 to 47, the fastest method of gaining Fishing experience is fly fishing. Fly fishing spots can be found at Barbarian Village, Lumbridge, Shilo Village, North of Seers' Village & south of Baxtorian Falls.

A player is able to obtain rates of 30,000 Fishing experience per hour at level 45.

Levels 47-58/70 - Drift Net Fishing

Players with 47 Fishing & 44 Hunter are able to catch fish using drift nets by diving on Fossil Island.

Drift net fishing is the most efficient method for a player until 58 fishing if they plan to 3-tick fish. If the player wishes to AFK and chooses to do the standard 5-tick method, then drift nets are more efficient until around level 70.

Users can obtain rates of 40,000 Fishing & 100,000 Hunter experience per hour with minimal effort at 47 Fishing and 66 Hunter.

In order to drift net fish, a Merfolk Trident & the completion of Bone Voyage is necessary.

Levels 58/70-99

From level 58 (if 3 ticking) and from level 70 (5 ticking), barbarian fishing is the fastest experience that a player can gain. At level 99, rates of 60,000 experience per hour can be obtained whilst 5 ticking, and rates of up to 110,000 exp/h can be obtained when 3 ticking. It will take upwards of 200 hours to reach 99 Fishing from 58.