Fossil Island Wyverns Guide

Table of Contents

  • Quest Prerequisites
  • Level Prerequisites
  • Items Required
  • Details
  • Item Drops
  • Boss Walkthrough

Quest Prerequisites

  • Bone Voyage
  • Dig Site
  • Druidic Ritual

Level Prerequisites

  • 66/82 Slayer
  • 80+ Melee Stats
  • 43+ Prayer

Items Required

  • Slayer Helmet Imbued
  • Amulet of Torture/Fury
  • Tank Barrows Chest
  • Tank Barrows Legs
  • Dragon Hunter Lance or BIS Stab Weapon
  • Dragonfire Shield
  • RFD Gloves or Ferocious Gloves
  • Guardian Boots
  • Berserker Ring Imbued
  • Fire Cape or Ardougne Cloak
  • Prayer Potions
  • Extended Antifire Potion (optional)
  • Sharks or better


  • The most convenient location would be in the Wyvern Cave in the Mushroom Meadow. You need to be on a slayer task to use these caves, which is the most likely case to be killing these.
  • Due to the lower gold per hour and slower kill speed, this is not commonly used as a regular money-making method compared to regular Skeletal Wyverns.
  • These wyverns have an annoying mechanic that freezes the player in place. This may be mitigated with an Ancient Wyvern Shield at the cost of attack accuracy and strength.
  • Since the lower level Wyverns (requiring 66 slayer) is faster to kill and still have decent drops, most people skip Ancient Wyverns in favor of these.
  • Their bones are equivalent to Dragon Bones for experience, so this Slayer task is liked by Ironmen that need all the bones they can get.
  • They use all three attack styles during combat, so it may not be that effective praying against a certain attack style. You can see the difference in attacks based on their animation.
  • The icy breath is used from a distance so you can’t safe-spot them or expect to be safe anywhere in the cave. Even when you are close to the entrance of the cave, there are some outliers that can attack you from quite a far distance.
  • The spitting wyvern has the slowest ranged attack speed, making it the least dangerous form of Fossil Island Wyverns. The drop table is also slightly better than other variants.

Item Drops

  • Wyvern Bones
  • Air Battlestaff
  • Noted Battlestaves
  • Rune Pickaxe
  • Adamant Platebody
  • Granite Longsword
  • Granite Boots
  • Adamant Arrows
  • Chaos Runes
  • Death Runes
  • Blood Runes
  • Law Runes
  • Soul Runes
  • Rune Bolts
  • Grimy Herbs
  • Snapdragon Seed
  • Teak Seed
  • Mahagony Seed
  • Yew Seed
  • Magic Tree Seed
  • Redwood Seed
  • Wyvern Visage
  • Unidentified Fossils

Boss Walkthrough

There are several different wyverns in the game, but they all count towards the same slayer task. Ancient Wyverns being the highest with an 82 Slayer requirement while the others only requiring 66. Since Spitting Wyverns are the lowest level, you will probably want to kill these for your Slayer Task, unless you need the extra challenge of killing Ancient Wyverns with barely any benefit.

Since it really isn’t worth killing these outside of a Slayer task, you will likely be venturing to the Northern cave that has 4 of each type of Wyvern. There are 4 spitting Wyverns near the entrance, past the Ammonite Crabs by the stairs. If you are not on-task or you finish your task, the NPC will prevent your from further attacking the Wyverns inside.

Once you go into the cave, you will soon notice that there are no safe spots, which is contrary to Skeletal Wyverns. For this reason, it is probably a better task to use with Melee and to just tank the hits (assuming you have decent armor as well). If you use a Dragonhunter Lance or a Zammy Hasta, they should go down relatively quickly and makes for an easy high-level slayer task. Otherwise, it would probably be better to skip/block these.

If you do happen to choose range, Spitting Wyverns just happen to avoid using melee if you manage to stay out of melee distance. They will instead use ranged and magic only, so it would be beneficial to pray against one of the two. The dragon hunter crossbow has the best accuracy against them, but a Dragon or Rune crossbow may be used as a last resort. You shouldn’t use a Blowpipe since you need to have a shield equipped to survive the fight.

Their Dragonfire is no joke and you need to have a Dragonfire shield, elemental shield or Wyvern hield equipped or you will get completely wrecked. Unlike other dragons, you can’t simply sip super antidragonfire potions and use a defender against them. Also considering that there is an additional freezing attack, it can be somewhat hard to maneuver around to kill them unlike Skeletal Wyverns.

While it is optional, you can use Protect From Melee while fighting them in order to mitigate some of the damage but it won’t be 100% effective. Some players prefer just to use prayer for Piety and tank the hits until it’s time to bank for more food. Don’t worry about bringing a few extra prayer potions since the drops will make up for the extra cost and killing speed is priceless for this sort of Slayer task.

Using Dragonhunter equipment works just like any other dragon and it is the most accurate way to hit them. A lance would be better since their ranged defense is quite a bit higher, but it is still doable. As for magic, you might as well forget it since their magic defense is the absolute highest and you will be wasting a lot of runes (even with relatively good magic gear).

If you have lower defense or poor gear, it would be advisable to bring some combo food and a ring of life for emergencies. The damage can stack pretty high if you have lag and using a Shark/Brew combo can save your life (and prevent Hardcore Ironmen from losing their status). Using tanky gear like barrows would be recommended over strength gear in this instance.

Aside from these few nuances, fighting Fossil Island Wyverns is pretty straightforward like any almost other Slayer monsters. There are no special attacks to avoid and you pretty much monitor your health and prayer until you run out of food and go for a bank run. While some may get away with it, it really isn’t recommended to AFK this task due to their high hits, but it doesn’t necessarily need your full attention either.

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The unidentified fossils that these drop can be very useful for training undesirable skills or for prayer training. They may be used to complete displays at the Varrock Museum in exchange for experience lamps. Once you have filled all of them, they may then be used at the Mycelium Pool in Mushroom Meadow to be converted into enriched bones. Using these bones at the Strange Machine in the House on the Hill gives a massive amount of experience compared to other bones in the game. This would be highly valuable for ironmen to collect, who already have a hard time gaining Prayer experience.

The quickest way to travel back to the Northern Cave is by using a Digsite pendant and teleporting to the House on the Hill. From the Mushroom found within the house, you will then teleport to the Mushroom Meadow. Immediately south, you should see the dungeon symbol on the map; that’s the Wyvern cave you’re looking for. As you can see, it’s pretty easy to return for a trip.

Optionally, you may use a Digsite Pendant within a player-owned house so you can rejuvenate your stats during your bank run. There are plenty of houses available on World 330 or you may construct one within your own house.

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