OSRS Prayer Guide

Table of Contents

  • Useful Quests
  • Useful Items
  • Fast Training Methods
  • Cheap Training Methods

Useful Quests

  • Rag and Bone Man: 500 EXP
  • Making History: 1,000 EXP
  • Recruitment Drive: 1,000 EXP
  • The Restless Ghost: 1,125 EXP
  • Priest in Peril: 1,406 EXP
  • Mountain Daughter: 2,000 EXP
  • Ghosts Ahoy: 2,400 EXP
  • Another Slice of HAM: 3,000 EXP
  • Rag and Bone Man 2: 5,000 EXP
  • The Great Brain Robbery: 6,000 EXP
  • Rum Deal: 7,000 EXP
  • Spirits of the Elid: 8,000 EXP
  • Swan Song: 10,000 EXP
  • Holy Grail: 11,000 EXP

Useful Items


Bones make up the base of the skill and comes in many variety. Basic bones are dropped by most basic creatures, including chickes. High-level bones like Dragon Bones or Daggonoth bones are more desired due to the much higher experience rates.

Ensouled Heads

Ensouled heads are rare drops from various monsters, including dragons and goblins. When reanimated at the Dark Altar, you can fight their zombie form and get prayer experience once defeated.


If you plan on offering bones at your own guilded altar, you’ll need to light the incense burners with Marnetill for the most efficient experience possible.


If you’re going to grind bones for the Ectofuntus method, you will need empty pots.


Buckets are used to retrieve slime to be used at the ectofuntus. Filled buckets are also purchased from charter ships.

Dragonbone Necklace

This necklace allows you to restore prayer points as you kill monsters. It’s highly useful for training on hard monsters and burying their bones.


The bonecrusher is a reward from the Hard Mortaynia diary and allows you to passive bury bones as you kill monsters. Keep in mind that it needs to be charged using ectotokens.

Fast Training Methods

Burying Bones (1 – 99)

While very expensive, click intensive and seemingly inefficient, burying bones still has potential as the fastest experience in the game. It’s also the only means in which F2P only players may train the skill. If you’re killing your own monsters and you have not viable means to bank, you probably will also do this from time to time.

When banking for bones, you have a slight advantage of keeping it noted in your inventory and un-noting by using it with a Banker. It is a bit more click intensive but you will notice the slight boost in experience per hour.

Burying Big Bones, which is the most common one used, will net around 43,000 experience per hour. Burying regular bones may only get around 13,000 experience per hour, assuming you bought them from the Grand exchange. Visiting the bone Yard in the Wilderness is probably the best means of obtaining free bones, but it isn’t anywhere near the optimal experience rate.

Burying bones may be viable as a passive means of prayer training while training Slayer with a Bone Crusher. If you use chinchompas on monkey or bandits, you will also get a decent amount of experience on the way to 99 range. Killing Monkey Zombies is also a common way to utilize the bone crusher for AFK melee experience with passive Prayer Experience.


POH Guilded Altar (1 – 99)

The gilded altar is one of the most coveted displays in any Player Owned Home and it allows you to train prayer at 350% the normal experience per bone. To make sure the full experience potential is unlocked, both incense burners must be lit, which it may be useful to have a partner light them for you.

The most popular option to use with the altar is the Dragon Bone since it has a sweet spot between speed and cost-efficiency. You can expect over 650,000 experience per hour if manually clicking bones and significantly less if doing it AFK.

If you have your own home, the most optimal way to bank new bones is to teleport to Camelot on a PvP world since the bank chest is just right there. Teleport back to your home and use your bones on the altar until you reach your desired level. Keep in mind that Butlers cannot un-note bones, so that method would be entirely off the table.

If you don’t have your altar, there are plenty of publicly-advertised house parties on World 330 that allows you to do so. There is an NPC in the General store that allows you to un-note bones, so you can just run back and forth to get new bones without banking.

On these same worlds, there are bone runners that will do the bank trips for your, but usually at a hefty cost. Some will request an hourly payment that could amount to millions of gold per hour. Some will simply sell you the bones and you will pay per inventory. It’s up to you whether to use them, but the experience per hour would not be extremely high either way.

Wilderness Chaos Altar (1 – 99)

This altar is located in the Chaos Temple in Level 38 wilderness and now has an NPC to un-note your bones. While it seems crazy to go out into the Wilderness to train Prayer, this altar gives a chance at giving your prayer experience without consuming bones, making it a more economical training method than the Gilded Altar.

Of course, if you end up getting killed several times you may not end up saving time or money at all. It is recommended to go to a team where you have some protection of scouts looking out for other PK teams. It could also help to have an alt account act as a diversion or supply mule to reduce the chance of losing your items to a team.

One method to consider is killing Green Dragons just to the east and coming back with a load of free bones. It would be rather slow, but for Ironmen, this can be a good way to start out prayer training. This can also be done with Lava Dragons or Big Bones from the Bone Yard.

Fossil Island Prayer Training (1 – 99)

While it’s a relatively new piece of content with most players overlooking it, it is possible to utilize your extra fossils for over 1 million experience per hour. Although, it isn’t a buyable method as you need to obtain the fossils yourself from killing Ammonite Crabs, Wyverns, or doing other activities on the island.

Small fossils give 500 experience each, and if you go all the way up to rare fossils, they give 2,500 each. These are used in combination with calcite and pyrophosphate in order to make enriched bones. This is located in the Mushroom Meadow where there is a female scientist and a giant mushroom that’s quite noticeable. The bones will then be used at the machine in the House on the Hill, which is accessible via the Mushroom teleport system.

In reality, the experience rates are quite varied depending on how many fossils you have saved up. If anything, this should be considered bonus experience after saving up fossils from training Slayer or doing the Mining minigame on the island. If you AFK train at Ammonite Crabs, you should take not that they have the lowest drop rate for fossils, so don’t go there just for fossils.

Cheap Training Methods

Ectofuntus (1 – 99)

The Ectofuntus is available to anyone with access to Mortaynia, and it becomes viable with Ghosts Ahoy completed due to the Ectophial teleport. This used to be the best means of training prayer during the old days of Runescape 2 and gives the most experience per bone. Since it’s quite convoluted to use, most players will skip it aside from some early prayer training

There are two components to training here: bonemeal and a bucket of slime. To get bonemeal, you take an inventory of regular pots and the bone of your choice and use the grinder in the upper level to slowly make bonemeal. Buckets of slime were originally intended to be obtained downstairs, but it’s easier to buy them from charter ships.

Once the two ingredients are ready, you can spam click the Ectofuntus in order to receive your experience. You will get 400% over the normal bury rate, which is a bit more than the gilded altar. With the steps considered, it will still be slower in experience per hour for any bone used.

Ghasts (15+)

While it isn’t very efficient, killing Ghasts after the completion of Nature Spirit is not a bad way for low-level Ironmen to train Prayer. The idea is to use your silver sickle to fill up your druid pouch, make the Ghasts attackable and kill them for 30 prayer experience each. This is comparable to killing Baby Blue Dragons and burying their bones.

Forthos Dungeon Red Dragons (1 – 99)

Since ultimate ironmen have limited options to train prayer, one unique means is to utilize the Red Dragon spot that has a nearby altar. Simply kill the Red Dragons using a safe spot or prayer flicking, take the bones to the altar and receive your experience.

Using bones on the altar gives 300% the experience, which is lower than a Gilded altar but just fine considering it won’t cost money nor has a Construction level requirement. The experience rate is around 20,000 prayer experience per hour along with combat experience. This is still a better method for low-level prayer training than doing Pest Control or burying bones.

Since there is a hide tanner, it can also be used for passive gold making if you have the Crafting level.

Ensouled Heads (1 – 99)

One-way players can save money while training Prayer is to buy or gather ensouled heads from the various monsters that drop them. In order to reanimate them, you will need at least 60% Arceuus favor and a decent combat level to kill them quickly.

While ensouled heads are great to do at any prayer level, the magic level needed for higher-level heads scale accordingly. Chances are you probably won’t have a high magic level starting out, so Goblin Heads would be the only thing you have access to.

It’s advisable to set up a cannon to speed up the killing speed and make it a little less click intensive. Although, this would probably add to the overall cost.

While there are lots of steps involved with ensouled heads, you can still push over 300,000 experience per hour with passive magic and combat experience. Dragon heads are the best for fast experience and Bloodveld heads are usually a good mix between cheap and fast experience.

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