Ranged is a free-to-play skill that allows players to throw / shoot projectiles at their opponents. According to the combat triangle, Ranged is weak to Melee users and strong against Magic users, though Ranged is considered the most powerful style of combat overall due to the rapid speed of some ranged weapons.

Players and NPC's (such as Demonic Gorillas) are able to protect themselves from 100% of damage from most Ranged attacks by using the Protect from Missiles prayer (Level 40 Prayer required); If in a player versus player environment this prayer only protects the player from 40% of the incoming damage.


Ranged bonuses


Ranged bonuses are divided into three types; Ranged accuracy, Ranged strength & Ranged defence.

A player's Ranged accuracy is calculated by the type of weapon & armour that they are using. Ranged strength is calculated by the type of ammunition being used (with the exception of thrown items which provide both accuracy and strength).

A player's Ranged defence is calculated depending on the type of armour that they use. The Void armour set with the Ranger's helmet is the exception to this, as the set provides a 10% Ranged accuracy AND strength boost. (12.5% for Elite void)


Types of Ranged weapon


There are various types of Ranged weapon including (but not limited to):

Image Weapon Information
Dragon KnifeDragon Darts Throwing knives / Darts Darts have the highest attack speed in the game, but they do very little damage and are inaccurate. Knives are stronger than darts. Dragon darts are about as powerful as rune knives.
Toktz-xil-ul Toktz-xil-ul Toktz-xil-ul AKA Obsidian rings are as powerful as a magic shortbow with rune arrows. These are often used in PVP situations as they allow the player to wear a shield or god book to protect themself. These can be expensive in large quantities.
Grey Chinchompa Red Chinchompa Black Chinchompa Chinchompas Chinchompas deal very little damage, but they hit multiple targets, making them excellent for training. Because of this, they are extremely expensive. They can be obtained with the Hunter skill at level 53 for Grey Chinchompas, level 63 for Red Chinchompas and level 73 for Black Chinchompas, respectively.
Magic Shortbow Magic Longbow Shortbows / Longbows These bows both fire the same arrows, differing in speed and range, but not in damage or accuracy. Longbows could be used for additional range, but are slower than shortbows on rapid. The magic shortbow has a special attack which hits twice, and the magic longbow has a special attack which boosts accuracy.
Magic Composite Bow Composite bows These bows are similar to longbows, but have a faster attack speed and slightly higher accuracy. These bows can only be obtained from completing Treasure Trails or by trading with another player. The magic comp bow has the same special attack as the magic longbow.
Armadyl Crossbow Crossbows Crossbows are very accurate, and crossbow bolts deal significantly more damage than arrows, making crossbows effective for training Ranged & PVP situations. Crossbows are slower than standard bows, but are also one-handed, so a shield or prayer book can be used for protection. Alongside this, most crossbow bolts can be tipped with fragments of gemstones and enchanted using the Magic skill, providing additional bonuses to the existing Ranged Strength.
Dorgeshuun Crossbow Dorgeshuun crossbow This is the only crossbow which can fire the cheap bone bolts. It is also faster than normal crossbows, and has a special attack which lowers the target's Defence level.
Karil's Crossbow Karil's crossbow Despite being a crossbow, it is more like a shortbow, requiring two hands and having a fast attack speed, along with longer range. Karil's crossbow will only work with bolt racks, which break when fired, making it expensive to use. This weapon should only be used against the TzTok-Jad and players, as everything else can be done more cheaply.
Ogre Bow Composite Ogre Bow Ogre bow / Comp ogre bow The ogre bow uses ogre arrows. It is extremely slow; its only real use is for hunting chompy bird. The composite ogre bow has the same speed as a crossbow, and can use brutal arrows as well as ogre arrows. Rune brutals have the same Ranged Strength bonus as dragon arrows.
Dark Bow Dark Bow The dark bow is the slowest weapon in the game, but it fires two arrows at once. It can fire dragon arrows, and it has a devastating special attack which boosts damage by 30% if using arrows that are not dragon, or by 50% if using dragon arrows, with a minimum damage of 5 per non-dragon arrow and 8 per dragon arrow.
Toxic Blowpipe Toxic Blowpipe The toxic blowpipe is a powerful ranged weapon that uses darts and Zulrah's scales for ammunition. Against monsters, it has the same speed as darts/knives, but against players, it has the same attack speed as shortbows. Additionally, the toxic blowpipe can inflict targets with venom, which deals increasing damage over time.
Cannonball Dwarf multicannon The dwarf multicannon is a supplementary weapon that is set up by the player and attacks enemies on its own. There is no Ranged level requirement to use it. It is fast and powerful (with a max hit of 30), yet expensive to use, and there are a limited number of areas where it can be set up for usage. For example, it cannot be used against bosses except the Corporeal Beast. Nonetheless, it's useful and great to have on board, especially on certain Slayer assignments (e.g. Lighthouse dagannoths).
Twisted Bow Twisted bow The twisted bow is one of the most powerful ranged weapons in the game, being able to hit extremely high on certain monsters. It has a passive ability that increases its accuracy and damage based on the target's Magic level.
Light Ballista Light / Heavy Ballista Ballistae are extremely powerful ranged weapons capable of hitting 50+ damage in a single hit. Light ballistae may be used by anyone with the appropriate ranged level (65) though the Heavy Ballista requires the completion of Monkey Madness II to use. Ballistae attack 1 tick slower than godswords, unless used on the rapid attack style which makes it them the same speed. Ballistae have a range of 9 squares and when using the long-range style this is increased by 1.


Quest Experience Rewards


  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting - Provides 735 experience - Requires 5 Fletching & 30 Cooking.
  • Recipe for Disaster (Skrach Uglogwee subquest) - Provides 1,500 experience - Requires 30 Ranged, 41 Cooking, 20 Firemaking & Cook's Assistant.
  • Death to the Dorgeshuun - Provides 2,000 experience - Requires 23 Thieving & 23 Agility.
  • Zogre Flesh Eaters - Provides 2,000 experience - Requires 30 Ranged, 4 Smithing & 8 Herblore.
  • Heroes' Quest - Provides 2,075 experience - Requires 55 Quest Points, 53 Cooking, 53 Fishing, 25 Herblore & 50 Mining.
  • Horror from the Deep - Provides 4,662.5 experience - Requires 35 Agility (or 30, with a Summer Pie boost).
  • Temple of Ikov - Provides 10,500 experience - Requires 40 Ranged & 42 Thieving.

Totaling to: 23,472.5 Ranged experience.

Other experience rewards

The player can get more experience from certain quests if they choose to place their quest experience reward on Ranged. It is highly inadvised for quest rewards with an open choice of skills to be used on Ranged as it is much easier to gain Ranged experience as opposed to other skills, such as Runecrafting.

If the player chooses to ignore this advice and use every single quest experience reward on the Ranged skill, they would accumulate a total of 323,800 Ranged experience on their way to achieving a Quest Cape.


Suggested Training Route


There are a multitude of methods that people use to reach 99 Ranged, depending on which experience they want to gain, the build of the account or the timespan that they have to reach their goal. Some popular methods are as follows:

1-99: The Slayer Route

Many players opt to completely avoid training Ranged completely and focus on gaining slayer experience. With the use of a Dwarf Multicannon throughout the journey to 99 Slayer, a player is able to passively raise their Ranged level to 99.

If a player does not wish to level their Ranged via Slayer, then they may follow this route:


1-55: Cannon at Rock Crabs - The Intensive Route


A cannon is the fastest way for a player to gain Ranged experience at lower levels. This is quite click intensive as Rock Crabs need to be awoken from their spawn spots by running near them. Players with low Hitpoints & Defence should also bring food to heal as Rock Crabs do have the potential to hit 1's; Given that a player would be attacking multiple Rock Crabs at once, it is possible for a player to be dealt 5-6 damage in a single tick.

Players wanting hitpoints experience should also attack the Rock Crabs with a fast Ranged weapon on the rapid attack style, such as Iron Knives or Mithril Darts.

55-99: Chinning - The Intensive Route

Players that have Started Monkey Madness I (Pure accounts should complete all Ranged training before finishing up the quest, as once the quest is completed players are unable to re-access Crash Island without accepting training which awards Defence experience) are able to attack Skeleton Monkeys inside of Zoocknock's tunnel. They are ideal for chinning as they spawn from the bones of the previous Monkey Skeleton alongside respawning from their original spot. Players should bring a few Ranging potions, an Antipoison potion(preferably Antidote++) & the rest Prayer potions. They should maximise their Ranged & Prayer bonus as best they can to ensure decent experience rates for substantial amounts of time; The Void set is ideal for chinning. An average trip will last from 1500-2000 thrown Chinchompas.

Players able to start/complete Monkey Madness should opt for Maniacal Monkeys inside of Kruk's Dungeon as they drop singular doses of Prayer potion commonly, thus extending trips.


1-75: Sandcrabs with Mithril Darts - The AFK Route


Fairly low cost and requires minimal attention. A player should stand between a triangular Sand Crab spawn with auto retaliate set to on. Players with low Hitpoints & Defence levels should bring food for the early stages of training. Maximise range bonus as much as possible.

75-99: Blowpipe at Nightmare Zone - The AFK Route

Players with a lot of expendable GP (you can buy GP on RSGPSpy) can purchase a Toxic blowpipe and fill it with Zulrah's Scales & darts (Adamant or better) and head to Nightmare Zone (providing they have enough quest points). They should then disable all bosses which attack with any method other than melee. The player should then put on Protect from Melee (43 Prayer) and drink potions accordingly. If the account has under 43 Prayer, players are advised to do a few rounds running around the arena and killing NPC's, in order to gain points to purchase Absorption potions from the NMZ Rewards Chest. They should then Rock Cake (Obtained from the Mountain Dwarf subquest of Recipe for Disaster) themselves down to 1 Hitpoint (or 51 if using Overloads) and try to maintain it to lengthen their trips.

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