OSRS Runecrafting GUIDE



Table of contents:

1. Introduction
2. Rune essence mine Locations
3. Talisman & altar locations
4. Runes
5. Abbys & Pouches
6. Extra information
7. 1-99 runecrafting guide
8. Runecrafting money making guide

1. Introduction

Runecrafting is a skill where you make runes for the Magic skill. To do this skill you need to complete the quest 'Rune Mysteries'. This quest is very easy and doesn't take long to complete.Pure Essence

The first thing you need to make runes are rune or pure essences. Free players can only use rune essence. P2P players who want to make Chaos, Cosmic, Astral, Nature, Law or Death runes need Pure essence.

Rune & Pure essence can be mined in Rune essence mines. Members who have 30 mining or higher, will automatically mine Pure essences. Players who have completed 'Lunar Diplomacy' can also mine in the cave North West of Lunar Isle.

2. Rune Essence mine locations

Location image Person Locations
Aubury Auburys unes shop
Headwizard Wizard's Tower South of Draynor Village
Cromperty North East of the Ardougne market
Distentor Magic Guild
Brimstail In the Tree Gnome Stronghold cave


Once inside the mine, run towards one of the pillars & start mining. 1-29 mining you'll receive rune essences, 30+ mining you'll receive pure essences. One essence will get you 5 xp in the Mining skill.

3. Talisman & Altar locations



If you want to use the free to play easy way, but also the slower way to make runes, You need a talisman for every rune you want to make except for Astral runes. Every kind of rune requires a different talisman. For example; To make air runes you need an air Talisman or Tiara, to make mind runes you need an Mind talisman or Tiara.


Through the "Location"- option on your talisman you can find the ruin which beloys to the talisman, You'll get a notification where you have to go (East, North, South or West). When arrived at the altar you have to use your talisman on the temple. Which will allow you to enter. Once inside you'll see an altar with the option "Craft Runes." click it to make your runes.

You can get Talismans from the Grand Exchange or by killing certain monsters, which will be showcased in the tabel below.

Image Name How to get it Altar Location
Air Goblins & Rune Mysteries quest reward South of Falador on the way to Port Sarim
Mind Imps, Wizards Near The wilderniss, East of Goblin Village
Water Wizards & Dark Wizards Lumbridge Swamp
Earth Men, Women, Wizards,
Al Kharid Warriors & Rogues
North East of Varrock
Fire Wizards, Skeleton & Dark Wizards South of the minig spot in Al Kharid
Elemental Abyss -
Body Guards, Wizards, Dark Wizards & Hill Giants South of the Monastry
Cosmic Mysterious Men & Lesser Demons Lost City 
- Astral No talisman needed South east of Lunar Isle
Chaos Skeletons, Shadow Warriors, Lesser Demon & Fire giants Wilderness level 9 , south of the Dark Warriors Castle
Nature Hobgoblins, Jogres & Moss giants South of the Karamja Jungle, against Shilo Village
Law Troll Stronghold Quest reward North of Entrana, across the bridge
Death Morning's Ends Part 2 Quest reward Underground pass

There are also Tiara's. They are pretty much the same as Talismans but the difference is that you can wear a Tiara so you have one extra inventory space. You can also just enter the ruines by clicking on them instead of using your talisman on them first. You can buy them in the Grand Exchange.

4. Runes

The higher your level in Runecrafting, you can get several runes from 1 essence at the same time. For example you can get 2 runes per essence instead of 1. The level at which point you get these multipliers will be listed below. You can't get more than 8 runes out of one essence. You also don't get more xp when you receive more runes out of 1 oessence. The xp listed below is per essence NOT per rune.


Image Name Req level XP Level
Required essence
Air 1 5 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 Rune or Pure
Mind 2 5,5 14 28 42 56 70 84 98 Rune or Pure
Water 5 6 19 38 57 76 95 - -  Rune or Pure
Earth 9 6,5 26 52 78 - - - -  Rune or Pure
Fire 14 7 35 70 - - - - -  Rune or Pure
Body 20 7,5 46 92 - - - - -  Rune or Pure
Cosmic 27 8 59 - - - - - -  Pure
Chaos 35 8,5 74 - - - - - -  Pure
Astral 40 8,7 82 - - - - - - Pure 
Nature 44 9 91 - - - - - - Pure 
Law 54 9,5 - - - - - - - Pure 
Death 65 10 - - - - - - - Pure 

5. Abyss & Pouches

This way of runecrafting is only for P2P players. You travel through a different dimension which is known as the 'Abyss'. You can get there through the Zamorak Mage, who can be found at the river North of Edgeville (wilderness).

You first need to complete the 'Abyss' miniquest. Which also gives you a Minipouch, you can get better pouches by killing the Abyssal Leeches, Guariands & Walkers.
You can only have One pouch of each!

Image Pouch Required Level Storage room
Small 1 3
Medium 25 6
Large 50 9
Giant 75 12

6. Extra information


If you want to make nature runes, you can use a little trick: Go to the General Shop in Tai Bwo Wannai & you can sell some Pure essence in notes to the shop, you don't have to sell it all in one ofcourse, but what you need (28 - Talisman - GP - essences in notes - made nature runes = sell 24 essence each trip). With this method you lose 90 gp, which you earn back with the time saved. Another way to make nature runes is with the Fair rings code DKP.

The best way to make Death, Law & Nature runes is through the Abyss. This is another way to make runes, i will give you more details about the Abyss further down in this guide. Member can go there through the Zamorak mage in level 4 of the Wilderness. Watch out for pk'ers on the way tho!


7. 1-99 Runecrafting guide

Level 1-9 Runecrafting (Abyss miniquest)

Note: training Runecrafting can be very fast if you have enough OSRS Gold

From 1 to 9 runecrafting i would highly recommend doing the Abyss miniquest, besides getting you to 9 Runecrafting you will also have access to Pouches & the abyss.

Level 9-23 Runecrafting  (Eyes of Glourphie Quest)

To do this quest you don't need any requirements which makes this quest very worth it & easy to do.

23-99 Runecrafting (Lava runes)

This is probably the easiest & fastest way to get to 99 runecrafting, the xp rate is somewhere between 50-70K XP an hour depending on how focused you are training. In order to create Lava runes you need Binding Necklaces & Imbued magic necklaces.
Go to a fire altar , craft earth runes & use those on the Altar again.

8. Runecrafting money making guides 

Level 44-59 Runecrafting (Nature runes)
At level 44 you should be making nature runes the fastest way to craft these is most likely through the Abyss. This method makes you around 400k gp an hour & you'll be profitting around 1.7M from level 44 to 59.

Level 59-82 Runecrafting ( X2 cosmic runes)
This is pretty slow xp but from 59-82 you'll be making around 100M GP which is massive!

Level 82-91 (X2 Astral runes)

From level 82 - 92 you'll be making astral runes, this method will earn you around 800K gp an hour with a total profit of also around 100M GP, You do need to have completed the Lunar Diplomacy quest in order to craft these runes.

Level 91-99 (X2 Nature runes)

This method is just the same like the level 44-59 but the difference is that you get double the nature runes which means you'll be making a crazy 1M GP an hour! The total profit you'll be making to 99 is around 310M GP, which is CRAZY!

Best of luck & goodluck on 99 runecrafting!