Banana SMP



Banana SMP is a MC private server that is house to thousands of players that tune in on the daily. Banana SMP is a very convenient and immersive Minecraft server that offers all kinds of gameplay to the players. Banana is based on the vanilla version of the game, the version we all grew up with and learned to love and cherish along the way. Vanilla also means a much bigger challenge whilst playing. The new updated version of Minecraft is seen by many as too boring, easy, accomplishments don't feel good and doesn't have that real Minecraft feel that we're all used to. What Microsoft did to Minecraft is terrific, they removed the challenging aspects of the game and made Minecraft seem like some MMO other than what the game really is. What we at Banana SMP did was take the initiative and begin our project as a strict vanilla version.

Banana SMP is fit for the real hardcore Minecraft players that love all the original aspects of the game, the non-stop grinding and the struggle for survival. Being a strict vanilla with no plugins or mods that ruin the feel of the game also means that dying has its consequences. In the new version of Minecraft, dying doesn't do anything to your character, you don't loose any of your precious hard earned items nor does it have any real fatal consequences but in vanilla it sure does. Whilst growing up playing the vanilla retail version of the game we all tried our best to avoid dying because it would result in us loosing all of our progress on our character and we'd have to start the grind all over. This is exactly what we strive for, the true devastating but phenomenal experience of Minecraft.

At Banana SMP we strive to keep our cozy little community to be as close as possible. Banana offers one of the most friendly communities there are around in the Minecraft private server scene. The reason for our community's well being is because every players that wishes to join it is required to make an application to be able to reach our services. This is the most efficient way of avoiding trollers, abusers and such players that only cause nuances and hassles for the rest of the community. By having registration strictly by application we attract the serious players that are looking for a server to call their home.

If you consider yourself to be a true hardcore Minecraft player then be sure to give us a visit at Banana SMP and try us out.