BartyRealms prides itself on providing the best possible player experience for all our server that's why we are offering a brand new type of server. You've never seen anything like it before - our short server introduction will leave you wanting more whether you're looking for a new experience or your simply looking to check a new server out and pass some time with your friends. Whether you're a solo player or you're looking to play with a group of friends you'll definitely find something that suits your taste.

We provide a massive open world with over five hundred new monsters over one hundred new dungeons and over fifty new realms to conquer and explore you are sure to find something you will enjoy. We grant hours upon hours of in-game content for all our players.

How you choose to conquer the world is completely up to you whether you choose to build a base and settle down or you like living on the edge and want to explore the many hours of cave systems that are generated in our world.

We have something for everyone so come and check us out today!