Club Obsidian



Club Obsidian is a very immersive and convenient private server to play on for the sandbox survival game, Minecraft.

Club Obsidian hosts one of the biggest communities and player base in the whole Minecraft server scene as up-to a thousand players logg in each day to immerse themselves into our server.

Club Obsidian almost works as is own MMORPG game, the vibe and feel to it is Minecraft but the content and gameplay is something fresh and new which we did to give our audience a new experience whilst playing on our server.

On Club Obsidian there are several things which you can partake in such as prison realms where you play the prison game and compete with others. Then you have dungeons where we've added a whole pack of different monsters and bosses for you to slay. Club Obsidian has all different game-modes that you can think of, Skyblock, bedwars, cops and robbers and much more that comes with that list.

Club Obsidian consists of many administrators and moderators within our staff team that are dedicated to keep pushing the best of content and keeping the server standard at the high it is today. We strive to be the most convenient option for our community and for over 5 years in the making we offer you this grand product, Club Obsidian. We have one of the best internet hosts which has been very useful as our server never gets any DDoS attacks because of our high grade connection.

With a huge active community, the most immersive map and flawless gameplay, Club Obsidian is a must try for any Minecraft enthusiast.