Dracarys is a huge and massively established Minecraft network hosting a large abundance of mini-games and different worlds all inside one main server hub.

Established in early 2017, we've been around for a significant amount of time and have continued to grow and grow and surpass all expectations. We've created an incredible foundation and will continue to innovate in the future.

All of our servers are hosted on world-class machines and are protected by state of the art firewall and other networking tools, we can completely guarantee one hundred percent uptime and complete server stability across every single one of our services.

All of our servers have a unique and large staff time to cover each of the different worlds and to assist you with any questions or queries that you may have regarding your chosen worlds. Each of the staff is handpicked because of their masses of knowledge of the game so that you can be assured they are equipped with all the tools and knowledge to resolve your problems quickly and efficiently.