Eltegra Network



Eltegra Network is one of the most fun and immersive Minecraft private servers out there. We offer you experiences unlike any of which you've had in the world of Minecraft.

We've been a private server that has been around for several years opting to deliver a unique way of playing the game of Minecraft. We've accumulated a playerbase of over 100 players on a daily basis, thousands of hours aswell as real life dollars invested into making our server into what it is today.

We've been able to host a variety of different games on our server such as the hunger games survival Minecraf game mode, bed wars, sky block and so many more to choose from. We've been standing very strong as a community for the past few years and we hope we're able to catch your interest and attention to give our server a try.

Every service on our platform is completely free to play. Our server has it all, a tight and friendly community, flawless experience and an overall fun and entertaining time on our server. Register today and join us completely for free.