Empire Minecraft



One of the most interesting and unusual servers on the market. He is not so popular, only 1000 players, but deserves to get to know him.

Want to play Minecraft your own way? Look no further than Empire Minecraft! Tons of Personal Player Settings to customize the gameplay to your preference. They specialize in a Survival Server Style, with Vanilla like gameplay, but extended features! Most servers either classify themselves as vanilla or non-vanilla. They have been dubbed by many of loyal members as a ‘French Vanilla’ server. Despite having one of the most custom experiences you’ll ever find in a Minecraft SMP server, you’ll always have that ‘Just Outside Vanilla’ feeling.

Whether you’re all about braving it in the wild to gather resources for your amazing build, while running into Custom Mobs and challenges, or you want to dominate the market by having the best mega mall and shop in Town, the Empire has everything you need and more!

You can get a lot of options here on server:

  • Live in the Frontier, fighting monsters and building in the natural Vanilla world terrain!
  • Play on Easy or Play on Super Hard! Choose your own difficulty level, and reap rewards for making it harder.
  • Start your own Economic Empire in the Town world and be the #1 Mega Mall
  • Build in peace without monsters in our peaceful Town
  • Use Economy, Trade and hiring services to collect needed resources instead of farming them yourselves
  • Become a collector and collect our vast amount of special items only found on the Empire, including numerous limited edition Promo Items!
  • Build games and puzzles on your Residence for others to solve
  • PvP in our limited arena on SMP6
  • Compete in our staff ran events and contests! Mob Arenas ran multiple times a week!
  • Strive to become an Empire Contributor, YouTuber or Build Team member and help the Empire!

And more… what can you create on the Empire Minecraft Servers? On EMC, you will be offered numerous play styles to choose from. Many of features include “Player Settings”, a special menu where you can personally control how things impact you on the Empire. For example, Personal Player Difficulty means 2 people fighting creepers side by side have very different experiences. One will kill the creeper easier than the other if they have a lower difficulty level! This lets you control how you prefer to play, challenge or not. It is truly “Play Your Way”.

At Empire Minecraft, all of the features designed with care and will rarely ever change or remove a feature for the negative due to a version update! So you can rest assured the gameplay you experience will continue to be there, through every single version update.

They will only remove a feature if it is absolutely necessary or has no real opportunity to keep it and perform the update due to changes out of our control. Barely any other server is as stable as Empire Minecraft.