Are you looking for a Minecraft roleplay server that actually allows you to dive into your character, live and experience the in-game environment as realistic as it possibly gets. Then you've come to the right place.

Hobonation is a Minecraft MCMMO meaning our gameplay of very similar to the typical MMORPG. We have the most optimal Roleplay atmosphere compared to any other server.

Hobonation is a server that actually values character Roleplay development and lets you form your character exactly as you wish. If you're a typical and simple online Minecraft gamer that enjoys the more basic of content, we have something for you: different survival game-modes, PvP and last but not least our very own designed Boss game-mode.

We offer you a very balanced server which strives to run as moderately and neutral as possible to adhere to the majority of the Minecraft community. Come play with us today at Hobonation for free.