Jartexnetwork is one of the biggest Minecraft communities up to date. We host many different kinds of game modes which gives the players the freedom to choose the game mode of their liking. We have a newly introduced game mode of factions. Factions is a survival and player versus player based plugin. In this game mode you are allowed to kill and steal loot for your own. You join a clan or a faction and fight your way up as a group to grow your base and settlement.

We also have SkyBlock which is a survival map where players stay and progress their characters on a floating island. The main objective of SkyBlock is to survive, expand your own little island and compete with the other players.

Then we have the players favorite game mode - BedWars. In BedWars you and up to three teammates spawn on an island where you must gather resources like gold, diamonds and iron. With these resources you are ought to buy items and upgrades from the different shopkeepers on your island. Each of these islands has a bed. Once a bed is destroyed you can no longer respawn on that island. To prevent other players from destroying your island bed you are ought to place blocks around your bed. To win you have to destroy the other islands bed and kill them to win so that they are not able to respawn.

BedWars or BW is one of the most competitive Minecraft game modes out there.

When spending time in our community we ask you to use common sense and abide by our rules. Obvious things as not advertising other communities or servers, harassing or disrespecting other users. Ban evasion, cat fishing and sexual content are not allowed on our community ground anyone who breaks these rules will be issued an indefinite ban. We have a family friendly community, and we strive to keep it that way and only make more people feel welcome to join our wonderful community. Join us today at Jartexnetwork.