The server is located in the USA and has been providing services to players since 2016. Reliable and high-quality, it positions itself primarily as part of the worldwide network of Minecraft servers. There is full support for global rules, all prohibitions are respected. In addition, for each game moment, there are personal server rules. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with them in advance - the ban rules are quite strict.

In order to continue to enjoy the game - play by the rules.


  • More than 1 stacker auto-cannons are bannable as they fire insane amounts of raiding supplies all at once and also create a lot of lag.
  • No claiming others’ bases during the grace period to prevent them from expanding.
  • A 20 chunk buffer equates to 160 generated walls. It will be counted from the exterior wall of the base and it won't include the base itself.
  • If 6 players of your faction get banned for hack clients or dosing/doxing the faction as a whole will be warned.
  • Using inappropriate names for the factions is not allowed.
  • You have a max of 49 claims around any cannon box/raid claims. You may not purposefully put cannon box behind cannon boxes / raid claims.
  • Claiming more than 1 corner is not allowed on Factions.
  • Patching walls using printer mode while you’re being raided is not allowed.
  • Using Printer to instantly block yourself in an area with another person during pvp or to instantly build an area around yourself to escape pvp will not be allowed.

Sky Block

  • Killing a player in an island or by requesting them to teleport into a war zone without mentioning it to the player is strictly forbidden.
  • Trapping and luring players into traps is forbidden.
  • A scammer is somebody who attempts to steal from another, usually by means of trickery, deceit or force. Anyone proven to have attempted or succeeded at scamming another player, will be punished accordingly.


  • Using inappropriate names for the gangs is not allowed and the owner of the gang will support the punishment.
  • Killing an AFK player in a plot with anvils or any other items is strictly forbidden.


  • Camping in a match, in order to escape and other associated actions, is now a punishable offense for which you can be kicked out of the game. A warning will be given before the punishment is applied, and excessive violation of the rule or repetition in different matches will result in bans.

Raiding other factions, creating bonds (allies), making enemies and creating powerful items with various custom enchantments. Build your base and make it stronger to become the biggest Faction! Use all possible variations of the game, models and teams. But only - follow the rules.