Minecraft Middle-Earth



Minecraft Middle Earth is one of the most massive and immersive Minecraft custom private servers in the field of MC Roleplaying. Minecraft Middle Earth has a very good reputation in the Minecraft roleplaying community as it hosts the best environment for Roleplay gaming purposes. It lets you develop your character properly and experience legitimate Roleplay without any disburbances or nuances.

Minecraft Middle Earth works as a replica of the real Middle Earth universe, everything from mapping to the geography and the placing of the locations have all been measured to an extreme level to truly replicate the real world. The Roleplay consists of a medieval fantasy theme which allows you play and Roleplay as a wizard, warrior, elf, different races aswell as if your character is evil, good or everything in between.

We have our own custom made currency which you can obtain through trade and interaction with other players or you could obtain them through working means. We have a long set of different jobs and tasks that are scripted into the server that allows you to take the role of different jobs, builders, farmer aswell as a road maker. All these works are lore friendly to the Middle Earth universe which wont ruin your immersion and break your character.

Our project has taken us several years to finish as we've almost created a whole MMORPG from scratch only using tools and scripts that are available to us through the Minecraft client. Minecraft Middle Earth doesnt oblige you to use mod-packs as everything in the server is based on the latest Minecraft client.