Meepcraft offers you one of the most sophisticated ways of experiencing and playing the game of Minecraft. We've constructed a whole mini-society which works as any country or nation you could think of in the real world.

We've been able to maintain a moderate and balanced economy where players are able to purchase different goods and recourses from each other to progress throughout the game and become the best players on the server. Our server is a very family-friendly place where we do not accept any form of griefing, trolling or any sort of harassment which we have a zero toleration policy on.

Meepcraft is the perfect place for you and your friends to just relax, lay back and enjoy the game of Minecraft without too much of energy investment. We believe that the game should be relaxing and an enjoyable experience which shouldn't take up too much estate in your mind. Meepcraft is a fun server where you're able to solve different puzzles, participate in the various community events such as duel events, parkour and much more. We've added a bunch of new custom features into our game aswell in order to further enhance the game and experience of our community.

Try us out today for one of the better Minecraft private server experiences out there.